I Bought a Succulent and Now I’m an Adult

September 14, 2017 by

This summer I was left to my own devises in New York City. There I was, newly 21, and dropped off in the center of the world, engaging in all the temptations and acts of deviance the city had to offer. Playing it fast and loose. Swinging from chandelier. Or maybe not.

This summer I took a step towards adulthood: I bought a succulent.

Any little girl who’s ever been dragged through a nursery or a Restoration Hardware with her mother knows the significance of this purchase. Reflect on those times, around age 11 or 12, when you thought why, God, is this happening to me? Why have you forsaken me? as Mom shops for the perfect indoor plant, or pool cushion, or throw pillow—each experience unique but equally painful.

Yet just over a decade later, I found myself stopping in my tracks in a New York City Whole Foods to purchase the cutest little succulent I’ve ever seen, before grabbing some warm Brussels sprouts, a Pellegrino, and heading back to my apartment. I know it’s bleak—and sure proof that I’m growing up. Sure, I’m betraying that little girl in HomeGoods, but she can put a sock in it. I like my succulent more.

Turns out the succulent was only the first step. Since that fateful moment in Whole Foods, I’ve taken note of my newfound adult interests (grow up). The things I found so mundane as a teen have been given new life–and given me new life. What are they?

  • Baskets. I get fired UP about baskets. Big baskets, small baskets—I got baskets for my baskets.
  • Nice face creams. They make me feel like the Chutney’s mom in Legally Blonde.
  • One singular glass of wine. Sixteen-year-old me is rolling around in her Malibu-soaked grave, but a glass of red and a nap after a long day? Ooooooh.
  • Low heels (I will NOT call them kitten heels, because these are different). This was a hard pill to swallow, but it turns out not every pair of shoes needs to be seven inches high and leopard print (rats). I bought a pair of low heels and they make me feel chic and polished. So what? Get out of my face.
  • Nice hand soap. Not that I can afford it. Screw you L’Occitane.
  • Texting with one finger. Phones are so big these days.

Swinging from the chandelier, I’ve found, is fleeting. But a succulent? A basket? They’re here for the long haul.




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