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Has the season sucked the life out of your skin?? If so, learn the best products to combat the weather and your unbearable dry skin here.

With the recently, and might I say refreshingly, cold temperatures in Dallas (as well as the entire country) over the past few weeks, I have noticed some severe changes in my skin. My typically combination-oily skin has dried out, leaving me with flakey skin and rough patches all over. In addition, I have recently started a prescription medication that is served with a side of seriously dry skin…so, over the break, I have been testing everything from facial serums to body washes to help my skin lock in the moisture that this dry, cold air is sucking out of me. Here are some of the best products I have found to combat the cold.

  1. Bobbi Brown Hydrating Face Cream, $56– As previously mentioned, I have always had oilier skin so I’ve stayed clear of thick, heavy face creams, such as this one. But when I started to notice the newfound dryness in my skin, I decided to bring in the big guns…and this is just that. When I say it’s nothing exciting I mean it in the best way possible…it’s fragrance free, comes in a simple glass jar and has the consistency of every other heavy face cream you’ve seen in your mom’s bathroom cabinets. But man does this one do the job well. It leaves the skin, soft and plump.

  2. Argan Oil, $12– While I do ADORE the Bobbi Face Cream, there are some spots on my face that no regular moisturizer can conquer…that’s where Argan oil comes into play. I picked up a bottle at my local Whole Foods for just under $15. While you can purchase virtually the same thing at department stores for upwards of $50, you don’t need a name brand to get the job done. This is the perfect product for the specific areas of your face that need a lil more love! In fact, if your skin is dryer than the Sahara, use it all over your face in place of your moisturizer. But don’t say I didn’t warn you when your pillow case is a mess the next morning.
  3. Moroccan Oil Dry Body Oil, $29– This is my favorite day time body moisturizer. Not only has the life been sucked out of my face, but my body too. Every morning after I shower, I pat dry then spray my body head to toe in this fabulously scented spray. It provides your skin the comfort that it needs but is lightyears quicker to apply and absorb than a normal body lotion. We’re busy girls, we don’t have time for that!! This is the perfect on the go product. I will note that before I go to bed, I lather my body in thick body butter (see my fav here) for some serious conditioning but you might find this Moroccan Dry Oil is enough to suffice!
  4. Oribe Gold Lust Transformative Mask, $66– We often forget that when the weather drys out our skin, it’s typically doing the same to our hair. We can’t forget those lucious locks. Twice a week after shampooing, I apply this mask from my ears down, tie my hair in a bun and twiddle my thumbs in the shower for about 15 minutes. Although these extra minutes in the morning can seem tedious, when you feel your hair after using this mask, it is worth EVERY second.
  5. Glossier The Balm Dot Com, $12– I have spoken about this product before and I will continue to do so. If I die with Coconut Balm Dot Com on my lips, I will die a happy woman. As I mentioned in my The Best of Glossier article, I never cared what lip balm I used as they all seemed the same to me…that is until I found this one. It is life changing and I say that without an ounce of dramatization. An absolute MUST for your skincare routine.
  6. Sara Happ The Scrub, $22- If you don’t get chapped lips in the winter please tell me your secrets. Dry, cracked lips seems to be a universal symptom of this polar vortex we are facing. As I said, I will praise Balm Dot Com forever but if you have dead skin on your lips, it makes it much more difficult for any lip balm to do its job…thus, The Scrub. This lip scrub, which is formulated with 100% food grade ingredients, helps remove that nasty layer of dead skin, allowing for you lip balm to work much more efficiently. I apply the scrub about 2-3 times a week then use a spare toothbrush to work it in. Then rinse with warm water, apply a layer of lip balm and you are left with the most kissable lips.

If you are suffering from the side effects of the seemingly unbearable temperatures, try these hydrating products to take your skin from dry and dull to soft and supple!




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