A 21st Birthday for the Books

October 3, 2017 by

This past Friday I channeled my inner event planner.

Turning 21 is a momentous occasion in everyone’s life. You FINALLY don’t have to break into a deep sweat when a waiter takes your ID to the back of a restaurant. For my roommate, Nilou Sheybani, these cringe-worthy days are over! To celebrate her 21 years on this earth, my roommate and I spent what felt like 3 days in the car scouring the Dallas area to find the perfect elements for her big night. Here’s some advice when planning your BFF’s night to remember (or not).

The Prep:

Party City

Although this place is the bane of my existence, it’s still cheap and semi-cute. I recommend stopping here first for easy items like balloons, plastic kitchenware and confetti. PRO TIP: Call ahead to place your balloon order. This saves precious time and gets you to the front of the checkout line. We ordered 45 balloons in light pink, white and gold and let them do their thing. Save yourself some drama by taking a huge car to load everything up.

Swoozie’s at Preston Center

This store is a step up from Party City to say the least. Although it is a bit pricier, Swoozie’s is ideal for special items like star-shaped plates, decorated styros, mini balloons, fun napkins and disco-ball cups. We got the bulk of our items at Swoozie’s – we just couldn’t resist.

Royal Blue

We all know and love HPV’s favorite Royal Blue Grocery. We had planned on stopping for those heavenly Cuban sandwiches, but when we came across mini pink Moet’s, Whispering Angels and Miravals our plans took a momentary detour. MINI. Need I say more?


After a single bite, this is the only cake you’ll ever eat. Place an order online for Momofuku’s notorious birthday cake up to three weeks in advance. It’s literally a chunk of heaven delivered to your doorstep.

The Decor:

We decided to move our dining table’s ghost chairs to give the apartment a more spacious feel. With this, our dining table became the center of the room. With Momofuku front and center, we carefully arranged the items we bought. To give some extra shine, we sprinkled star confetti all over the table.

After a minor fiasco with Party City and their unavailability of gold number balloons, we opted for something a bit more hands on at Swoozie’s. Although I nearly fainted inflating these mini gold ones, it was totally worth it. It turned out this was everyone’s favorite spot to snap a picture. And my favorite part? Topping our coffee and accent tables with mini bottles of Moet.

Although the balloons were a low-key hassle, they made our space feel more intimate and festive. We actually could have gotten away with more…

And the worst part? Clean-up. But don’t worry, your night will be such a blast you won’t even mind it the next morning.






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