How to Procrastinate 301

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1. BANG BANG IT’S ALEXANDER WANG: We will be posting so very soon a review on everything that is Alexander Wang for H&M, stay tuned!

2. Rosie Movie Trailer: I just love Lily Collins. Really, her eyebrow game is SO strong.

3. Taylor Swiftamine is PROBABLY one of the best SNL skits I have seen in a while. It’s scary accurate that most girls that hate all things Swift can’t stop and won’t stop dancing when “Shake It Off” is jammin’

4. It’s bootie season. You may be more of a knee high kinda gal but if you are little like myself, or just live for booties, here are a cute pair from my favorite store in the whole wide world-Zara.

5. You are most definitely thinking “why is there a target guy on SMUstyle right now?” Well that’s because “Alex from target” has been trending on twitter ALL. WEEK. LONG. Basically, this world is a weird place.

6. New track on our recently added.

7. Ron Swanson Quotes made into motivational posters. If this isn’t the best find on the internet, I don’t know what is.

8. Cute little video on couples that don’t nauseate me, or make me feel like “damn, I’m WAY too single” (-:

9. I really can’t take credit for this SLITTEN photo (special shout out to SL). Slittens (aka kittens with sloth faces) are the new mini giraffes.

10. Last but not least: It’s november!!! Time to celebrate with Starbucks’ holiday ”red” cups and not shave because it’s socially acceptable.

Happy No Shave November ya filthy animals

XX, n_bru

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