How to Organize a Pinterest

August 25, 2020 by

We all have that one friend that has a gazillion Pinterest boards and really has her life together. I’m here to tell you that Pinterest is way easier than you may think. 

Over quarantine, I started getting extremely bored. One day while I was flipping through everyone’s Instagram stories I noticed that Sofia Richie was organizing her Pinterest. This inspired me to finally make a Pinterest and see what it is all about. 


I started with a single category; healthy food recipes and ideas. Once you find one pin you like, so many other pins are recommended for you. My board for healthy food inspo was growing fast. With so much time on my hands, I found it super fun to make a different recipe from my board every day. Next, naturally, I made an unhealthy food board. And then a makeup board, and a hair board, and a travel board. I have every board you could imagine from festival outfits to interior design to my wedding. 


My favorite board happens to be my party decor board. I have found this board especially useful because you can always find cute, inexpensive ways to make any event more aesthetic. With the help of Pinterest, I’ve planned birthdays, mother’s day brunch, and a father’s day barbeque. 


Another board that I love is my bullet journal board. This helps me create cute headers and different ways to organize my notes, which makes note-taking way more fun. 


I highly recommend starting a Pinterest to get more inspiration in all areas of your life. 





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