How To Do Dallas: SMUStyle Edition

August 12, 2019 by

Calling ALL freshmen (and anyone else who wants to discover some new Dallas go-to’s)!!!!

There’s nothing more intimidating, yet SO exciting than moving to a new city…especially Dallas! Jaw-dropping shopping, delectable dining, wondrous workouts and so much more. Freshmen, you chose right because this city has so much to offer.

You all are probably ready to hit the ground running but I know that when I was a freshman, I had so many questions. Where is the best brunch? Where can I get a stunning formal dress? Where can I workout without stepping foot in Dedman? Where can I get my roots fixed? And, the list just goes on and on and on. But, you all are some lucky gals!!! With Dallas being your new home, there are about a million answers to each of these questions. So, it’s time to say see ya later to your hometown favorites and hello to your soon-to-be D-town favorites!

When I reminisce on my first few months of freshmen year, I have no doubt that I was giving off a deer in the headlights kind of vibe. Trust me, I totally get that so many options can be so overwhelming…I had no idea how to even start exploring my new home. But, I have good news ladies! SMUStyle is here to help! Here are of SMUStyle’s must go-to’s that you all should check out ASAP:

We wish you all the luck in your new journey in the best city ever! If you ever want some Dallas recommendations, we are here to help. So, ready, set, and go find your very own Dallas go-to’s!



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