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Staying healthy on campus is easy with this guide! Here’s everything you need to know to keep up healthy habits.

As an incoming freshman at SMU, everyone warned me against the freshman 15. I was so scared after hearing horror stories about people eating junk food and abandoning their usual workout routines while living on campus. I sat down with my friend and health inspiration Lydia Brooks, who runs the fitness instagram @la.vita.sana, to break down some tips for staying healthy in college!

Royal Blue Grocery

Eating On Campus

The biggest part of staying healthy in college is being mindful of what you eat. The dining halls can be great, but you’ll soon realize that nobody is stopping you from eating Arnold pizza at every meal or loading up on the chocolate chip cookies in Umph. Don’t be afraid to keep some groceries in your dorm and cook at home every once in a while! Lydia’s go-to grocery store is Central Market because “they carry a ton of my favorite brands and the fresh food section has so many healthy options. The veggie orzo is one of absolute favorites!” I personally love Royal Blue Grocery for fun snacks and Trader Joe’s for organic picks. Lydia also frequently makes quick meals in her dorm: “I grab a banana and almond milk from the dining hall and mix it with half a cup of oats, a date, almond butter and cinnamon! If you prep the night before and stick it in the fridge overnight, you’ll have a perfect healthy breakfast ready to go in the morning!” And for dinner, she says “ You can buy microwavable brown rice and frozen veggies from Central market. Pop both in the microwave, grab some chickpeas or black beans from the dining hall and you have a DIY rice bowl!”


Make Healthy Restaurant Choices

Any SMU student likely goes out to dinner and lunch multiple times a week, and it can be hard to make smart choices when you’re out and about. While the occasional MiCo dinner is harmless, Dallas has plenty of healthy restaurants when you need a lighter meal. Lydia says “Chopshop is such a classic. The green curry tofu bowl is to die for! It’s so convenient being right beside campus. HG Sply Co is the best of both worlds with plenty of healthy dinner options plus a fun atmosphere, complete with a fun rooftop area. If you go you have to try their quinoa meatballs and cashew pilaf!” I also love Flower Child (the Mother Earth bowl is amazing) and True Food Kitchen!

John Benton Fitness

Don’t Forget to Get Active!

Aside from food, it’s always important to keep up a workout routine in college! Dedman is a great resource for your classic circuit, and they even have options for yoga and spin classes throughout the week. As for Dallas workout classes, CorePower is a great total-body workout and it is walkable from campus. For Lydia, she says “I workout with John Benton in the design district! He teaches group classes focused on toning muscle, not building. He has the reputation of being a “model trainer” but don’t let that scare you away! Everyone is welcome.”

Thanks to Lydia for sharing these tips!

Featured image courtesy of @romeestrijd on Instagram.

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