Haircare Away From Home: Dallas

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We all understand the stress of being away from your trusted hometown hairdresser. This incredible human is not only your hairdresser, but they are your best friend/therapist who will give you their honest opinion on any topic discussed (i.e. to break up with the boyfriend or to not go for the bangs). Finding a perfect hairdresser to trust with your life is no easy feat. What is even scarier, is the fear of a bad haircut.

So naturally, given the reasons listed above among countless others, trying to find a hairdresser in a new city can be incredibly daunting. That’s why I figured I would give you the gift that keeps on giving – a list of the best people and places in Dallas (according to my trusted, fabulous friends) to get your hair done!

This Mississippi queen is well-schooled in the art of blowouts. So with whom did Ellie Wells entrust her luscious locks upon moving to the big city? Emily Littleton at Charlie + Co., that’s who. Ellie swears by Emily’s skills, and I think this photo speaks for itself.

Arden Taylor (left) and Lauren Fisher (right), two of SMUStyle’s very own, have Era Salon to thank for their perfect heads of hair. Lauren swears by Darlene Duran‘s talents in particular.

The lovely Dana Giles always seems to look polished and chic. Further, she rocks a lob like no other. So who is Dana’s D-town go-to for maintaining her incredible look? It’s none other than Salon Pompeo, housed in the Highland Hotel (points for closeness!!!).

This queen of all things girly likes to keep it classic when it comes to her haircare routine. Hanna Refvik turns to the Drybar when she is in need of a blowout to last her the weekend.

Ever find yourself envying Wellsley Schenck’s 24/7 bouncy, flawless hair? Well, you’re in luck! Wellsley spilled the beans on where she gets her hair done in Dallas, and the name of the game is Patrick O’Hara Salon.

If none of these fabulous locations spark your fancy, here is a list of some of Dallas’s other coveted hair salons:

Fredric Fekkai Salon

Jean Philippe Salon

PIN Salon


(To name a few)


Sarah Smith


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