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To all the ladies out there with the big hair that you spend 2 hours creating to only let it fall, get greasy and frizzy due to humidity and sun, I feel your pain. Getting hair to be ~on fleek~ at all times is a mystery rocket scientists wouldn’t even be able to solve. Boulevards are like an automatic death for hair. We might as well just give up and spend our time focusing on what’s really important…NOT.

Some way or another, I’ve found a few ways to keep your hair from looking like a rat’s nest at the end of the day (how my mom describes my hair most days lol). Along with that, below are a few of my favorite hairstyles that are easy and pretty trendy, if I do say so myself :))))

But before we get to that, let’s begin with the best products out there for beating the heat.

Dry Shampoo– aka THE best stuff out there. I’m a huge fan of dry bar products because they smell amazing AND actually work (can ya believe it??). Their Detox Dry Shampoo is ideal if you’re skipping washes or want your do to last past one night out at Homebar. I’ve gone through 4 bottles, and let me tell ya, this stuff gets the job done.

Lightweight Shampoo and Conditioner– you don’t want anything that will bog down your hair or make it greasy too quickly. So, avoid oils and deep, leave-in conditioners. I recommend the Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Shampoo and Conditioner.

*BUT, I will say you can use a dry oilBumble & Bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil is AWESOME! You can really feel the moisture it gives, but make sure you don’t put it on your roots.

Sea Salt Spray– quite possibly the easiest way to get simple texture that won’t weigh your hair down. Try the Ouai Wave Spray.

Now, take what you have just learned with the products, and use them to create these beeeaautiful hairstyle. But first, a few tips:

ALWAYS MAKE SURE YOU USE A HEAT PROTECTANT ie Dry Bar Prep Rally Prime & Prep Detangler, I really can’t stress this enough.

Hairspray– the numba 1 must-have tool to making your style last days on end. However, you don’t want anything too crunchy. However, I would recommend for days like the one’s we’ve had where it’s 110 degrees to use ridiculous amounts of it. The best and classic one to use is Big Sexy Hair Hairspray (they have like a dozen different kind of hairspray so you get your desired hold).

NOW, onto the hairstyles:


use a hairdryer, a big round brush and grip curlers to create the flounciest hair ever. First, rough dry the hair after putting in heat protectant and lightweight volumizing mouse (use a small dollop). Second, using the hairdryer in one hand and the round brush in the other, wrap the hair the brush and blow out. with the grip curlers, wrap the top portions of your hair on your head(the crown) over the curlers and secure in place. I usually put in 4, 2 on either side of my head because I part my hair in the center. Hit those babies with some light heat and hairspray and wait 10 mins. Then just take em out and you’re G2G.


[I like to take inspiration from Dry Bar’s do called Southern Comfort, however I incorporate a little more natural and a lot less southern and sass.]

*picture from Dry Bar*


again use a heat protectant, don’t wanna fry that hair now do we? Rough dry your hair and have your handy dandy 1 inch curler by your side. using a plethora size of sections, big or small, curl them around the curling iron to create the “s-wave.” Leave the very bottom of the hair uncurled (hint: it makes the waves look more natural). Also, vary the amount of time you have the sections on the curling iron. repeat this all around your head until you have a desired amount of curl. Lastly, figure-comb your hair, and shoot it with some wave spray and hairspray. even better, if you want a 2-for-1 look, put your locks into a low pony and pull little sections from the front of your hair out. I like to play with the pony so that there’s a lot of volume at the back of my head, but it’s completely up to you!


[ugh, I wish]

*picture from Lauren Conrad’s blog*


aka my new favorite way to style my hair: the classic double braids. Nothing complicated here or french braiding knowledge required, I literally just part my hair in the center and create two little braids. I think these are called “milkmaid braids” because they do make me look like a dutch country girl, but we’re just gonna call it the simplest hairdo out there.


[of course, the Beckerman twins know what’s up when it comes to braids]

*picture from Beckerman Blog*

anddddd for the after party-

use a really thick conditioner that will hydrate your hair after excessive use and heat and add moisture//shine. The traditional Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Moist will work perfectly. If you aren’t//have never used this stuff, where have you been?!

Oh, lastly, don’t forget to own it. Nothing’s worse than seeing someone fidget and mess with their hair all night. WORK IT GIRL!



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