Grammy’s 2019 Best and Worst

February 11, 2019 by

If you didn’t get to tune into the Grammy’s last night don’t worry, I’ve gotcha covered. I have a guide to the red carpets best, to the worst. 

First, IMO, Lady Gaga takes (the Grammy, lol) for best red carpet ensemble. Aside from my opinions of her role in A Star is Born (iconic), she wowed viewers with her silver ensemble and platinum effortless do. 

Next in line, Miley Cyrus and Kasey Musgraves. Cyrus rocked a sleek black pantsuit, bringing an original glam moment to the red carpet. Musgraves, and album of the year winner, wore a nude Valentino gown with a red statement belt. The simplicity and elegance proves she dressed the part of an album of the year winner.

An addition of wearing hats with gowns became popular on this year’s red carpet. J-Lo and Janelle Monáe each rocked a hat with their looks. Who wore it better?

I loved Monáe’s dress more, and her hat adds a great amount of style and class with the way she tilted it to the side. J-Lo rocked more of a cowgirl/sunbathing type look, but we still love you J-Lo.

My favorite part of red carpets is judging the edgy, cartoon-like gowns. Designers really do the most with their fabrics for events like this. First, the best worst dressed winner is Cardi B.

Cardi, Love the enthusiasm here but she resembles Ursula from The Little Mermaid, or even a pearl being found in a clam. We can say it’s edgy…

Ashanti. The look is paired well with black heels and a sleek do’, but the skirt looks like the pile on my floor when it’s time to change my bed sheets. Needless to say, Ashanti certainly turned heads.

Last but not least, Katy Perry. While she’s known for her elaborate costume choices, her dress doesn’t seem to match her image (literally). This dress reminds me of those barbie cakes we used to get as little girls, you know the ones? We can say positively that the dress flattered her curvy shape… (kind of?).

The Grammy’s are a huge moment in fashion each year, to see what kind of wild gowns and ensembles designers can piece together. Everyone in attendance looked great, even you sitting on the couch viewing from home! Congratulations to those of you who are fans of this years winners.

Until next year,

Chase Piper

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