Goat Yoga: The Latest Fitness Trend

November 8, 2017 by

Goat Yoga: the latest fitness phenomenon…may not be all that it’s cracked up to be. I don’t think Gwenyth herself would even enjoy this fad.

Over the past few months, my Facebook feed seemed to frequently feature videos of baby goats galavanting, looking absolutely adorable…thus the beginning of my baby goat infatuation. Every day, I was tagged in numerous baby goat videos which I proceeded to share with my friends and family because they always filled me with immense happiness. I mean c’mon… a baby goat who wears a duck costume to help combat his chronic anxiety…you can’t tell me that’s not adorable.

Photo courtesy of Instagram

A couple weeks into school, I was having a terrible day and my best friend Ashley couldn’t help but notice. To cheer me up, she surprised me with two tickets to Goat Yoga, a recent phenomenon in the blogger world. I was ELATED!!!! I anxiously awaited Sunday, October 29…the day I would get to experience Goat Yoga for myself. I told everyone how excited I was and I couldn’t wait to share my pictures of me and the baby goats with my friends.

Photos courtesy of Harriette Hauske

Well…October 29 rolled around and Ashley and I were up bright and early for out goat yoga adventure! It was a brisk 55 degrees so we bundled up and headed off to Richardson to commence our journey. We arrived at a small house in a neighborhood about 20 minutes from campus. We were somewhat surprised to find it was being held at someone’s house…in their backyard. Thank GOD we had dressed warmly. Naturally, we came unprepared, without yoga mats or towels but they provided them for us upon arrival. We walked into the backyard to find rows of yoga mats lined up, and 30 other participants eager to downward dog with a bunch of farm animals. We were each given a cup of food for the goats and shortly after the class began.

Photo courtesy of Harriette Hauske

It wasn’t ten minutes into the class that I started to second guess our decision. I had expected cute, little baby goats to frolic around us as we held our Warrior One. But alas, there were not baby goats but full grown, big, ugly goats with horns and an attitude. They eagerly approached us and devoured our cup of food. We shivered through the yoga class, which I must say was a fairly decent class, although I am by no means a “yogi”. But pose by pose I became increasingly frightened by these UGLY beasts and turned to Ashely to give her a “Let’s get the hell out of here look”. She certainly agreed. But we didn’t want to be impolite so decided to gut it out. Just as the class was wrapping up, an angry old goat scampered to my matt and did his business all over me and my matt. Yes, I was covered in goat sh!t. Needless to say, when the yoga class was over, Ashley and I grabbed our matts and ran for the hills.

It’s safe to say I will never be attending Goat Yoga again. Nor do I like watching goat videos on Facebook anymore. If you dare to venture to Richardson to attend a Goat Yoga class expect an angry herd of ragged goats to climb all up in your business…and possibly do their business right up on you. It’s not the Insta worthy experience that blogger make it seem…trust me. If you don’t believe me, you can buy yourself a ticket here.

See a video here- IMG_7912.MOV

XO, Lauren

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