Girl’s Guide to Aspen, Colorado

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Calling all my magnificent mountain mamas!!! This one’s for you.

Ahhh, Aspen. This little town nuzzled in a valley of Colorado embodies the ultimate emergence of over-the-top chicness and luxury, with the athleticism and stunning nature one would expect from Colorado. Aspen has a special spot in my heart, so I thought I would make a ~~girl’s trip friendly guide~~ for the next/first time you touch down in Aspen-town. I could bore you all day with my favorite hiking trails and ski runs, but let’s stick to what we really care about. Shopping, eating and drinking.

So where does one do said shopping? Besides every high-fashion brand known to man, Aspen has a number of amazing boutiques speckled throughout its cobblestone streets.

Pitkin County Dry Goods (Aspen goers – you knew this was coming)

Pitkin County Dry Goods is one of Aspen’s true gems. This incredible store carries men’s and women’s clothes, as well as shoes and has an amazing jewelry selection. The women’s selection includes Rag + Bone, Helmut Lang, Veronica Beard, Iro, Frame and Alice + Olivia, among countless others. Oh, and their cashmere repertoire is to die for. Shoe brands include but are not limited to: Golden Goose, Common Projects and Alexander Wang. While yes, this all sounds appealing, it is the jewelry selection that sets Pitkin apart and keeps me coming back (and begging my parents for everything I see). Including works by Erica Kleiman, EF Collection, Liza Beth and Retrouvai, their jewelry selection is full of sparkle and delight!


Etc… is a treasure chest of literally everything I could ever want in the world. The walls of Etc… are lined with magical Libertine designs while the insides are filled with jaw dropping jewels and vintage Louis Vuitton pieces. Owned by the cutest Alabama couple, Aspen just happens to be lucky enough to house the second location of Etc…, the first being in Birmingham.

Kemo Sabe

Kemo Sabe is a must see, especially if you’re an Aspen first-timer. The store, which just moved to a new location, is cowboy heaven with an Aspen twist. Firstly, the kind patrons of Kemo Sabe offer you a Corona Light upon arrival, so that’s a plus. As you meander through Kemo Sabe, you are greeted by top-notch western apparel – from boots to hats to customizable belt buckles. The excitement doesn’t stop there! No no, there are diamonds involved. Kemo Sabe has their own diamond collection, which is beyond impressive, and houses a number of incredible vintage pieces. Even if you’re not in the market for a wide brimmed hat or crocodile skin cowboy boots, Kemo Sabe is a stop that must be made as you cruise through Aspen.

** This by no means means that Aspen’s local, fab boutiques stop here. We would just simply be here all day.**

Onto the eating. Since Aspen is blessed enough to have a plethora of phenomenal restaurants, I thought I’d share my recommendations for some niche scenarios.

Say you and your girls just finished hiking Smuggler and are looking for a casual outdoor meal…..

Meat + Cheese

I must admit, since I was born I have had a bizarre phobia of both meat and cheese in any kind of cold, sandwich-like form (…ikr). This, for obvious reasons, caused me to avoid Meat + Cheese like the plague since it came to Aspen. About a year or two ago I decided that I would give it a shot because apparently they had a far more encompassing menu than just pure meat and cheese. Clearly, I was pleasantly surprised and, thus I am recommending it today. I digress.

Meat + Cheese acts as both a quaint, organic farm shop and a delicious restaurant. Deliciousness ranges from tacos to burrata salad to a full roasted chicken with potatoes. I am personally a Vietnamese chicken noodle salad girl, myself.

Say you’re in the mood for a sushi roll and a cosmo before hitting Escobar… 


Kenichi is just one of those places that is consistently good, and it has an energetic atmosphere. Some of my personal favorite dishes are the black cod misozuke, the dynamite shrimp, the blake roll, the yellowtail serrano and the greentail roll. Also, there is a private room that you can rent for large parties and it comes with an aux cord….

Say it’s an ideal temperature summer night and all you want is a glass of red and a bowl of pasta after a long, tiring day….

Casa Tua

Casa Tua, both a private club and an open restaurant, is the ideal place for such an occasion. The high-end, yet warm spot is placed right in the hub of town. Sitting outside, you get to witness all the action of a fun summer night over at Paradise Bakery as musicians perform and crowds line around the block for ice cream. The mouth-watering Italian food offered includes truffle fettuccine, bolognese, branzino and tuna tartare.

Now, get this girl on the dance flooooooooooorrrrrrr!!! You’d think a small Colorado town would be pretty quiet at night, but A-town knows how to get down.


Escobar is the perfect hybrid of a bar and club. You can manage to get a drink at the bar, yet you can also dance the night away. This underground venue has a retro vibe and never disappoints.

Bootsy Bellows

I must admit, I am not a fan of Bootsy’s new location. The old location had a much better set up and flow to it, but nevertheless, Bootsy’s is always a good time. This is the move if you’re looking to really get down and dirty. Once you push through the crowd **clinching your drink for dear life** and find your pocket of space/table, you won’t regret a thing.

Eric’s Bar

Though this place and I have had some beef in the past (I won’t go into it), I am now all about their low-key “let’s play pool” vibes. Eric’s bar is a great place to have some drinks and just hangout, before you head to Bootsy’s or as your final destination.

**Caribou Club is another prime spot, but you have to be with a member to enter.***

These suggestions just graze the tip of the iceberg that is what all Aspen has to offer. May they act as just a starting point. Happy travels!


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