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December 10, 2016 by

We all have those friends that would rather spend their Friday snuggled up in a nook somewhere with fluffy blankets, a warm drink, and some DANK literature. They can also be consistently difficult to shop for, those lovable language-minded loons. Consider this a list of things I want my friends to buy me this Christmas. You are appreciated, Word Nerds!



  1. Convince your stay-at-home friend to take a night out for once, and get them started with a literary inspired cocktail from Tequila Mockingbird for a sweet $8.92.
  2. Calling all Millennials – here lies a hilarious mix of current culture with famous literary figures of yon, pick up a Punk Rock Authors Tote today for that special someone for just $18!
  3. Bring back the pre Post-Hipster vibes with this Smarty Pants Hippo Print, $9.99.
  4. Inspire them every month with a Literary Quotes Calendar for $19.37 to keep them up to date on more than just Pinterest quotes.
  5. For the other people out there that also have a stack of white space-heavy, artistically angled niche magazines taking over their nightstand, get them a Cereal Magazine Subscription for £22 and just wait for the appreciative zine + coffee + blanket Instagram.
  6. Get them this $33 Ampersand Necklace just so they have a reason to say the word ampersand more often.
  7. We all love the smell of old books, so why not have a scent provider locked and loaded instead of buying more old books you don’t need? Grab the Old Books Candle for $18, it’ll be sure to light up their life.
  8. Make sure they have something to sip on while they read about far away places and fictional peoples – the Literary Tea Collection for $12 a tin should do nicely.
  9. If you didn’t have a Magnetic Poetry Kit growing up you had a sad childhood. Very useful $12.95 purchase for writing passive aggressive fridge notes to sloppy roommates!
  10. Keep sticky fingers off your favorite books with a Personalized Library Stamp, $25
  11. Would it even be for the word nerds without a customary Harry Potter reference? Help your friends manage their mischief with a Marauders’ Map Morphing Mug for $14.99.

Honorable Mention: Subscribe them to the email list for LitKit, a subscription box for all things literary – as soon as they come back in stock!

Here’s to packing in the personal reading opportunities over break,


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