Gift Guide: What Your Boyfriend Actually Wants for Christmas

November 21, 2019 by

We all know that picking the perfect gift for your man can be one of the hardest things to check off your Christmas to-do list. Here is SMU Style’s top eight gifts that your boyfriend will actually want.

  1. Leather Cardholder

It’s no secret that SMU men like their designer labels. Thankfully, websites like The Real Real and Luxury Snob carry authentic brands he’ll love without breaking the bank for you. With a leather card holder like this, he won’t think twice about pulling out his Amex to pay for dinner.

Source: Shop The Real Real for $175


2. Engraved Flask

An engraved leather flask not only screams sophistication, but as an added bonus you can also add your initials to the back to remind him exactly who got it for him when he’s out with the boys.


3.  Sports Team Apparel

So I know this one is a little basic, but men eat this stuff up. I once got my high school boyfriend a Vikings bucket hat, and he still wears it to games to this day. Not only will he love that you support his interests, team apparel proves that you truly are one of the boys. Trust me, the odder the better with this one.


4.  Puffer Coat

No one wants a poorly dressed boyfriend. Although he’s still attached to his old high school lacrosse hoodies, a decent coat will do wonders for his look. With this, he can start to phase out the hoodies so they can take their rightful place: in your closet.


5.  Picture Collage of You Together

If your boyfriend is anything like mine, there’s a solid chance a photo frame wasn’t on the top of his college packing list. However, I choose to believe that deep down all men are sentimental (if somewhat disorganised), and will love the thought that went into choosing your favourite moments together.


6.  A Flag

Don’t ask me why, but a Rowdy Gentlemen flag is the peak of sophisticated dorm decor for men. While he’ll probably hang it somewhere questionable (like the ceiling), his fraternity’s crest, favourite team logo, or home state is the perfect way to get him something he’ll look at daily.


7. Video Games

As annoying as it is, your boyfriend is probably an avid gamer. While you may have considered smashing his PlayStation when he doesn’t answer your texts in order to shoot zombies, the hard truth is that he’ll love whatever the most popular game currently is. And when it comes down to it, gifts are for making other people happy. Unfortunately, this means I had to research video games so you don’t have to. Think “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare”, “Cyberpunk 2077”, or “Apex Legends”.

8. A Watch

If he doesn’t have one already, a watch is the perfect gift to let him live out his successful ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ broker dreams. And surprisingly, Amazon has decent watches for even more decent prices. Figure out his preferences (color, band, size) and get him something that eliminates any excuse for him being late to your formal.


When it comes down to it, you know your boyfriend better than I do. He’ll love whatever you get him simply because it came from you. Probably.

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