Gift Guide {For the Traveler}

December 8, 2015 by

A list of gifts for that friend who’s always got their head in the clouds, dreaming of some other faraway land. Help them get there with these gifts, designed to add some cute and comfy to any trips or travels. 

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1. A weekender bag for when you just need to get away

2. Glossier’s moisturizing moon mask to keep the hydration-draining powers of plane travel at bay

3. Travel pillow for the outdoors-enthusiasts

4. My new motto and a friendly reminder

5. Notebooks to inspire your in-class daydreams

6. Mobile charger so you can always capture that perfect Insta

7. The chicest of packs for your back

8. Teensy noise-canceling headphones so you can sleep through the screaming child in the row behind you

9. A monthly reminder of the cities on your to-go list

10. So you can sleep beneath a cloud

11. A luggage tag to let everyone know what’s on your mind


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