Gift Guide: For the “Homebody”

December 1, 2016 by

(AKA your Interior Design-obsessed BFF)

Ah, the “decorator extraordinare” friend. Everyone has a Martha Stuart/Jackie Kennedy/ Mark D Sikes in their life. They have a gift for making any space feel like home or a spiffy hotel room. They are incredibly meticulous and their taste is so refined that it has become almost predictable. Shopping for them consists of exploring the home section and accumulating an arrangement of christmas tree ornaments for them. But if that seems too predictable/BORING here are some other ideas:

pro tip: Know the colors of your friends apartment and you can shop with that in mind.


  1. Cocktail napkins with witty copy.
  2. Champagne scented candles– for the friend that can’t ever get enough bubbly…Also, candles are like shoes;  you can never have too many! Ever!
  3. Patterned matchboxes to replace that icky lighter that was leftover from eons ago.
  4. Slip silk pillowcase– these are proven to be better for your hair and your skin. With this gift, your friend will forever wake up #flawless, and will look great with their pristine bed linens.
  5. Fun throw pillows! I like to avoid monograms, and you can’t go wrong with this fantastic furry one.
  6. Coffee Table books- anything by Slim Aarons, or the new Mark D. Sikes book is a must for any aspirational interior-designer, they’ve been collecting since they were, well, since they could read.


7. Monochrome martini glasses to make their chic pre-games even chicer. Bonus points if you get a matching shaker!

8. Oh-so-stylish pajamas from Morgan Lane– they always want to compliment their perfectly-curated apartment, even in the mornings.

9. Kate Spade’s All in Good Taste– a guide about perfecting entertaining.

10. Decoupage trays– perfect to keep  jewelry, hair ties, keys, etc…

11. Throw blankets! Like pillows, but more cozy.

12. Table top games. You probably wont play them, but they look nice anyway.



featured image: The lobby at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York in full-blown Christmas mode. Photo courtesy of google images.


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