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As a lover of food and all things Christmas, I can undoubtedly say that the holiday season is a time where foodies thrive. We can indulge in the most amazing Thanksgiving food and then do it all over again less than a month later for Christmas. And there is truly nothing we love more than receiving food-related gifts for the holidays.

Now you may be thinking “what on Earth am I supposed to get my food-loving friend for Christmas”, but fear not. I have come up with a list of a few of my favorite creative and Pinterest worthy presents for your hungry BFF’s.

Make a Kit

You would be lying to yourself if you said that you haven’t seen a “hot-chocolate kit” gift idea somewhere. It’s a super cute concept and is ridiculously easy to put together. Here are three of my favorite kits:

#1: The Hot Chocolate Kit. To create the perfect DIY hot chocolate kit, all you need is a mug (or jar), hot chocolate powder, marshmallows, and any other hot cocoa topping you like (my favorite is candy cane). Simply put the powder, the marshmallows, and the extras into the mug, put a bow on it, and you’re ready to go! P.S. If you’re running short on time, Starbucks often sells similar kits to be purchased during the holidays!


#2: The S’mores Kit. S’mores may be the most versatile treat on the planet because they never go out of season. Summer bonfire? S’mores. Cold winter night by the fire? S’mores. The options are endless. To create this adorable kit, head to the store and grab a container of any sort (I personally love the two ideas featured in the picture), marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate. Assemble it by putting all of the ingredients into the box, adding a little gift tag (or bow), and voila! You just made someone’s night a little sweeter!

#3: The “Just Add Ice Cream” Kit. This kit is seriously so cute and creative I can’t believe I’m just discovering it now! Although the temperature is dropping, there is something super cozy about having an ice cream sundae over the holidays. To construct a holiday-party-worthy sundae kit, here’s what you need to do: Get a box (preferably a festive one) and fill it with ice cream cones and as many sundae toppings as your heart desires! Add a little note to the top that says “just add ice cream” to perfect the gift!

Go For That Gift Card

While the kit idea is super cute, sometimes we just don’t have enough time to put in that kind of effort (it happens to the best of us). In that case, there is nothing wrong with going out and getting a gift card for that food-loving friend. This kind of gift allows the recipient to have a choice in how they spend the money. In fact, food delivery services like Uber Eats and Postmates also have gift cards for purchase!

There is a way, however, to spice this simple gift up by turning it into a gift card bouquet. To create this, get a plant — a little pot of flowers, a succulent, or a mini Christmas tree (to stick with the holiday theme) — get as many gift cards as you’d like and either clip the cards onto the plant, or tie them on with ribbon. The finished product is adorable and doubles not only as just a gift, but a centerpiece too! 🙂

Each of these gift ideas can be taken and manipulated to fit the desires of your foodie friends, the options are truly endless!! And let’s be real, if the gift involves food of any kind, you’re pretty much guaranteed to have one happy friend. This is clearly not an exhaustive list of all the possible food-related gift ideas, but I hope you feel inspired to go get crafty for this upcoming Christmas season!


Happy Holidays!

xo, Alexa ♥︎

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