Gift Guide: For the Fitness Fanatic

December 14, 2017 by

We all have a friend who will be forever up to date on the trendiest workout classes and treats every single workout as if it’s a piece of cake!  All fitness fanatics love exercising, but I’m almost positive that they enjoy it even more when they’re exercising in style!!! So, make your fit BFF’s Christmas and treat her to some stylish and useful workout gear. Whether they are spin addicts, gym junkies, or yoga enthusiasts, we have many fabulous gift ideas that anyone will love!

  1. Ultracor High Lux Knockout Print Leggings– Can you possibly find leggings anymore stylish?? I know I would love to hit the gym in one of this seasons biggest trends…STARS!
  2. Ultracor Altitude Silk Ultramesh Crop Top– For any frequent Soul Cyclers out there, this is the perfect gift for you. I have a few tops like this one, and they are my “go-to” tops for spin.
  3. On My OUAI Kit– This is the perfect thing for any fitness fanatic to stash in her gym bag if she wants to clean up a little bit before leaving the gym.
  4. Nekter Gift Card- No one likes to eat a super heavy meal after an intense workout. Nekter is the perfect place for a yummy, light, and healthy treat.
  5. Ubarre Toning and Sculpting Weight Tool– This is the HOTTEST new toning and sculpting tool. But, guess what?? It’s designed to double as modern home decor! I promise that any fitness lover will be completely obsessed with this…I know I am!
  6. I Did My Best Exercise Mat– In my opinion, this is SO much better than a boring, black mat. Some yoga or floor exercises with a splash of humor is the perfect mix!
  7. Looking Good Feeling Good Gym Bag– There’s no better place to store all your workout stuff than in a bright and encouraging workout bag!
  8. Zella Velour Bomber Jacket– A light jacket is an essential for a fitness queen. You don’t want to shiver while walking into the gym, but you don’t want to die of heat walking out…you must find a happy medium!
  9. bkr Water Bottle– Water is a MUST when working out, so doesn’t that mean a fun water bottle is a MUST too?? I think so!!
  10. Powerbeats Wireless– I’m not sure how I ever worked out without these. We’ve all struggled with earbuds falling out of our ears while on a run…so annoying, right?? Well, I swear these will fix that problem! They are a necessity!



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