Furrrget About It

September 7, 2017 by

Upon my return to Dallas I stopped in ZARA to see what’s in store for this fall. Everywhere I looked I saw fur… Pink fur, black fur, fur on shoes and purses! Could this be the season’s latest trend?

The fur craze in ZARA is called Fur For Luxe, and features fur pockets, shirting details, phone cases, keychains and so much more.

Am I obsessed? Honestly, yes. I think it’s so interesting, fun, and adds color and dimension to your everyday outfit pieces.

white sneakers | pink sneakers

colorful pocket | grey pocket | burger pocket

polka dot case | striped case | pink fur tee

pink pattern coat

Amancio Ortega just continues to stun and shock the fashion industry with his unique new styles and trends.

Have fun shopping! Tag or DM @smustyle if you see some eye catching fur!!



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