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October 17, 2018 by

The fall season brings many great things; Halloween, PSL’s, scary movies and sweater weather. For those of us who live in Dallas, we also get to enjoy the annual Texas State Fair.

If this rain ever seems to clear up, then everyone reading this post (and friends) should visit the fair, which is only about a 15-minute drive from campus. This year I got the chance to go during opening weekend, and got to try the famous fried foods that are featured at the fair each year.

To start off, funnel cake. Iconic. I like to keep things simple, but for those of you who are daredevils, there are other flavors such as birthday cake, Nutella, and S’mores.

This year the fair also features a funnel cake beer…I didn’t get a chance to try that but I did try the Oreo flavored beer. (Yes I’m 21, drink only if you’re of age).

A heads up: If you like beer, give Oreo beer a shot. If you don’t, then don’t waste your money. I’m not the biggest fan of brews and this just tasted like a sweet Guinness.

After downing the beer, the funnel cake, and eating an entire bag of cotton candy, we decided to try something savory to balance out our taste buds.

And yes…it’s true. Everything is bigger in Texas. The fair sells these individual Texas shaped pizzas, and they’re so so delicious. Us three split one and even then it was too much food.

After devouring the pizza, we still needed something savory so we went for fried mac n’ cheese cause, what could be better than that? And if you didn’t think we could fit any more fried food in our tummies, we did. We finished the day with fried Oreos, and yes they were much better than the beer.

I advise anyone who goes to the fair to not leave¬†until you’ve tried fried Oreos. They’re insane.

Aside from all of the delicious treats, the fair is home to so many other activities. You can visit the stock show and pet animals, you can ride roller coasters, and play plenty of games. On certain occasions, there are also small concerts and shows that you can enjoy.

To know about all of the fair’s daily events, click here to see the calendar.

Last but not least, take a photo with Big Tex! (he talks too – it’s kind of creepy but also slightly intriguing).

Have fun ppl,


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