Freshman Rules {Blair Croce}

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Meet Blair Croce. She’s one damn cool SMU freshman. Not only does this Dallas native look like a total bad ass, but she is one too. She already earned herself the position of The Daily Campus’s Arts and Entertainment Editor in her first week here at SMU… smarty. So naturally we had to get to know this chick who clearly knows what she’s doing.


SMUstyle:What has been your favorite thing at SMU so far?

Blair Croce: I am really enjoying the film program here. I actually just completed my first short film, and it was terrifying and exciting at the same time.

SS: Tell me about how you became the Arts and Entertainment Editor of the Daily Campus.

BC: I’ve always been interested in writing about the arts. I applied for the associate A&E position, but was promoted when my boss quit the second day. Considering I’m only a freshman, it was scary in the beginning, but I love what I do now.

SS: Being from Dallas, what’s your favorite restaurant here?
BC: I’m a foodie, so definitely have more than one. I love Hibiscus (steak/seafood), Malai Kitchen (thai), Taverna (italian), and Nobu (asian).

Untitled-1dress (similar)/hat/jacket/boots

SS: Who is your style icon?
BC: My style icon is actually one of my friends. Her name is Blanda Eggenschilwer, and she is a graph designer from Switzerland. Check out her instagram @blahblahblanda.


SS: How would you describe your style?
BC: I would describe my style as classic feminine with a modern twist. And lots of leather. Give me a leather jacket, and I might not take it off.


SS: Has your style evolved since coming to SMU?
BC: I love heels. However, waltzing around campus on stilettos didn’t work for me the first week. I now wear more booties, and when I really need to get something accomplished, I break out my black converse. I love the cute dress with sneakers combo.


SS: What is your must-have closet item?
BC: As previously stated, I love a good leather jacket. I bought a dark navy one from All Saints (a favorite store of mine) a couple years ago and still wear it all the time. I like that it looks like black, but is slightly different from the norm.



Be sure to watch out for Blair around campus, for she is definitely going to be making a statement wherever she is.




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