Freshman? Here are SMU’s Top Seven Staples You Need for Fall

November 15, 2019 by

Your favourite things from senior year sadly don’t stand the test of time. Sure, back in high school your ‘norts and a hoodie’ daily fall uniform might of fit the bill as appropriate class attire. But now we’re in college where we’re older, (supposedly) smarter, and (soon to be) more sophisticated. As freshmen, we stick out like sore thumbs as it is. So let’s not dress that way. Here are the top seven staples every freshman girl should have this fall. 

  1. Lululemon everything

Athlesiure. I simply cannot stress this enough. If you can find me a lecture hall without AT LEAST one girl rocking a pair of Lulu yoga pants, I’ll pay your tuition. Seriously. If you show up to your 8am wearing patterned leggings and a quarter zip, no one will know you weren’t awake five minutes ago. 

If Lululemon isn’t your style, try out Calia by Carrie Underwood or Fabletics for the same looks at a better price. 

2. Tory Burch/ Hermes/ David Yurman Cuff

If there’s one thing SMU girls do well, it’s accessorise. Trust me, you will not regret investing in a nice piece of jewellery that goes with everything. Good accessories can dress up an oufit, or let you pretend you’re wayyy more put together than you actually are. 

Source: Tory Burch

3. Silver Puffy Jacket

Y’all, I only recently learned this one myself. Something they don’t tell you at AARO is that Dallas actually gets cold. If you come from somewhere hot like me, you will be totally and utterly unequipped when the temperature drops below 60 degrees. This puffy parka is stylish for class, but totally wearable at night too.

Source: Revolve

4. White Frat Sneakers (Separate pairs for night and day)

When an older girl told me to get a pair of designated ‘frat shoes’ my first week here, I brushed it off. My favourite white platform Zara sneakers, having faced a magnitude of abuse in high school, could surely tackle whatever floor grime and spilt drinks college had to throw at them. But I’m telling you, no amount of Clorox wipes can undo the damage that happens from one night at OT. Having one pair of designated going out shoes will save your professor from worrying about your home life when you walk into your lecture with mud and something that looks scarily like blood caked on your sneakers.  

Source: Asos


5. Sunglasses

A lifetime ago in August, you relied on your favourite pair of sunnies to shield your gaze from the debauchery that was undoubtedly going on around you on the Boulevard. While it’s no longer hot, you can rest assured knowing that your peers’ rowdy behaviour won’t be cooling down with the weather. This pair of sunglasses from Free People is perfect to pretend you’re outside in a sundress rather than what feels like a snowsuit.

Source: Free People

6. Statement earrings

So black yoga pants with a black jacket is most girls’ go- to fall outfit. Basic, but ever so practical right? However, I’ve learned on campus that a cute pair of earrings can really mix this outfit up. Some of my favourite finds come from Snider Plaza, which is a five minute walk from campus. Just because it’s no longer hot doesn’t mean your outfit has to be as boring as the weather. 

Source: Dear Hannah


7. Ears

Ok, hear me out. At every chance you get, try to collect as many animal/alien/devil/overall costume headbands you can. You never know when you’ll need them until you’re invited to a date dash the day of and have four hours to pull together a mermaid costume. Don’t tell me you haven’t thought about how much money you wasted during Halloweek when you had to buy the exact same bunny ears you have in a closet back home. 

Source: Party City


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