Forced Family Fun

September 22, 2016 by

Family Weekend is upon us! Which usually means a lot of alcohol upon us, as well. Looking back, I have memories here and there of my dad’s frustrated face smashed in a crowd at Barley and my mother looking disdainfully upon the Coors light in her hand mid-Montaigne Club. So let’s be honest, your parents are not trying to turn up at Avenu or get down at Homebar this weekend. Spare them (and you) the embarrassment and bad alcohol and take them somewhere a little *swankier* to sip up some luxurious libations. And maybe let them pick up the tab, too.


Midnight Rambler – This sleek underground pad is situated snugly beneath the Joule downtown, and feels more like Manhattan than Texas. Try the Nightmarcher on for size.

Parliament – Head to the edge of Uptown and snag a seat at the bar at this notorious Dallas cocktail center. Sit back, relax, and don’t let slow service get you in a tizzy, just take more slow sips of your Garden Gimlet.

Boulevardier – French, fun, and full of booze. Boulevardier keeps their bars stocked with good alcohol and great bartenders. Take a trip to Bishop Arts for a step outside the typical Mustang routine, and make sure you have a Pink Panther in hand to help you take it all in.

Wayward Sons – If you’re really looking to step off the beaten path, Uber up 75 to this hidden gem and sidle up next to a Ginger Snap, or take a chance on the bartender’s creation of the evening.

Henry’s Majestic – Make sure they seat you on the porch so you can take in the lovely (at night) warm weather we’re still having down in the D. Pick from any of their array of concoctions, my personal favorite is the Eyes Wide Shut.

Cheers, babes 😉


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