Final Spring Soirée

May 11, 2017 by

Ah the long awaited arrival of summer; the temperature increases, our grades decrease, and we all say our goodbyes before embarking on summer endeavors. This spring has been one to remember, so send it off in style with a celebration and some chic party favors to match!

In the height of exam season while tests and papers make up my daily schedule, my mind keeps wandering to the same pressing issue. My best friend’s 21st birthday party. I identify as half fun loving party girl and half control freak so naturally I put myself in charge as planner of this exciting event. Follow the instructions below to make place holders that are sure to put you at the top of the best friends list:

What you’ll need:

La Marca Mini Champagne Bottles (1 per guest)

Instax Polaroid Film and Printer

Single Hole Puncher

Thin to Medium Sized Ribbon of Choice 

Black Sharpie 

Step 1:

Pick out pictures that you want featured on the bottles and print them using the Instax Printer. For this upcoming party I chose pictures of each guest with the birthday queen but any pictures that are appropriate for the occasion are perfect! Once you have printed the photos, write the guests name featured in the photo using a sharpie on the thick white strip on the bottom of the photo.

Step 2: 

Punch a hole in the top right corner of each photo. Michael’s was out of regular hole punchers and only had star punchers but I went with it. C’est la vie.

Step 3: 

Tie your ribbon of choice once around the neck of each bottle. I was LIVID when Micheal’s didn’t have the navy gingham ribbon I was looking for (they are really not on top of it these days) so I settled for a nice sheer La Marca Blue. After your ribbon is secure thread the photo onto the right side and tie the ribbon in a neat bow.

Step 4: 

Admire your work and then pop the champagne!! These decorations are worth a toast.

Cheers to a sizzlin’ summer!

xx, MB


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