Fashion Icons: Melania and Ivanka Trump

February 7, 2019 by

As with every presidential term, American eyes look to the first lady as the ultimate fashion icon. Though she is not elected to office, the first lady plays a pivotal role in impacting political change, representing the United States, and serving as the ultimate hostess of the White House. Her job requires class, taste, poise, stature, and style.

Each day when the first lady shuffles through her closet to get dressed she knows finding an outfit that reflects these ideals is simply a part of her job description. First ladies Jackie Kennedy and Michelle Obama engrained themselves in Americans’ minds as some of the most stylish women in White House history – but this association didn’t come effortlessly.

Under the Trump administration, there’s not one, but two women who stand in the political spotlight: First Lady Melania and daughter Ivanka Trump.

I will forever be in awe of the manner in which the Trump ladies carry themselves. Their poise, intelligence, and grace are unparalleled. For example, consider the fact that they’re the female family members of a man constantly under scrutinization for sexual misconduct.

…But are they embarrassed? Do they hide? Absolutely not because they’re kick-ass women who know men can be brutes! Melania and Ivanka know they have a job to do, and it’s to be chic, posh, and use their political prominence to stand up for causes they believe in.

For starters, can I get Melania’s blue dress for the potential charity luncheon I host in 2054? And you bet your bottom dollar I’ll be pairing a pastel skirt and pump this spring (thank you Ivanka).

Melania’s style incorporates a lot of sleek trench coats, pencil skirts, blazers, pumps, and slacks (emphasis on the trench coats). This might sound monotonous, but my God she kills it.

Unfortunately for her, I think she had to throw away this outfit on inauguration day… 🙁

Ivanka is a mother of three, prominent businesswoman, fashion designer, author, and even serves as her father’s senior advisor. From child socialite to fashion model to entrepreneur, she’s no stranger to dressing for the camera.

Ivanka sports gorgeous pantsuits and matching dress + coat ensembles. She puts a modern, sophisticated twist on classic silhouettes that fit seamlessly in line with her political responsibilities. She always looks professional and beautiful at the same time – total female CEO vibes, am I right?

A big round of applause to you, ladies of the Trump administration! Thank you for setting an example that women can be powerful and look amazing at the same time.

It’s about time you showed America how stylish political women can be because Hillary’s fashion sense just doesn’t make the cut for me…

MB ~out~

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