Event Recap: A Night at Dior

September 6, 2018 by

I hate to be that girl, but the rumors are true: you can win anyone over with a good, goodie bag. Throw in a candle, a magazine, some full-sized beauty products, maybe a cookie, and I’m SOLD. Frankly, it can be the one thought that draws me to any event. However, Dior doesn’t have to give me anything, and I’ll still show up.

Last night, Lauren and I were graced with an invite to preview Dior’s Autumn-Winter 2018-19 Collection at its boutique in Highland Park Village. How could you possibly say no? When it comes to Dior, I’ve always been a huge fan. When this collection aired at Paris Fashion Week I was entranced, so it was thrilling to get the chance to see and touch the quality merchandise for myself. In addition, I also had the chance to sneak a peek at one of my favorite fashion icons, Fer Medina, who co-hosted the event.

On my journey through the marble and crystal-encrusted palace of a store, I learned a few things.

1) The store, in itself, is a work of art.

If you’ve never visited, you’re missing out. In fact, that means, I WAS MISSING OUT. I feel like a better, much more luxurious person after walking out. Not only was I greeted with champagne (way two to woo me), but the set-up of the store with its bright lights, glass cases, and colors abound made me feel as though I was walking into a museum. Side note: if you need a solid Instagram, check out this place.

2) The infamous Saddlebag is making a comeback.

We saw it first with Kourtney K., but now I’m certain that these bags are back. When I say Saddlebag, it literally looks like the side of a horse’s saddle, of course with pockets, cute designs, even beading. Oh, and don’t forget that magnificent CD emblem that grazes the front. Would I say they’re here to stay? That’s tough, considering it’s such a bold, trendy piece at the moment. But, who knows! It could be the next Céline for all we know.

3) The clothes are alllll about making a statement.

And by statement, I mean literal graphics, sayings, textures or prints. Within reason, of course. At the store, I saw the “C’est Non, Non, et Non” chunky sweater in every color, a raincoat that looked and felt like aluminum foil, denim patchwork skirts, and the best, dainty midi’s with pleats that would give you the grace of a ballerina. One could take some major fashion cues from this place, especially if you’re willing to up your “wow” factor without lowering your “reasonable” standard.

4) Delicate jewelry is a MUST.

I never relized how precious the jewels are at Dior. I’m a purse fanatic, but I think my favorite thing I saw that night was the Compass ring with mother of pearl. It’s a beautiful, intricate design that references Christian Dior’s superstitions, thus always leading him in the right direction. Mr. Dior and I are really two of a kind. They also had “oui” rings, and “J’ADIOR” statement earrings encrusted in different jewels. The pieces looked as if they could be worn every day, layered with other items, not just for fancy occasions or as statement looks.

5) I guess Visors are… a thing?

Who knew?

Big big thank you and smooches to the wonderful people at Dior, as well as Fer Medina for inviting us to this marvelous event. We couldn’t have loved it more! Oh, and the goodie bag with a full-size Lip Glow and mascara didn’t hurt 🙂



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