Elton x Gucci

January 30, 2018 by

Gucci is going on tour and you do not want to miss it…

Elton John has recently announced the launch of his final tour – which will begin in September of 2018. Elton is taking a well deserved breather from the music industry, but not before thanking his fans and going out with a bang.

photo via vogue.com

As a well known Gucci muse Elton will be outfitted by creative director, Alessandro Michele, for the entirety of the tour. Elton and Gucci go hand in hand as many of Michele’s designs are inspired by the previous costumes donned by Elton in his earlier years. Expect to see the Rocket Man in wild sunnies, platform boots, and glitter everything. Here are a few of John’s best looks in years past:

photo via instagram

Buy your tickets soon blue jean babies!!

xx, MB

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