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Well, hellooooo, dear readers!

When July 4th hits, the days post red, white and blue explosion has me feeling more and more down. Not because I don’t like summer, because I do, and who doesn’t? No, it’s merely due to the looming fact that we probably have a little over, a little less than a month left before school. While there are exciting factors– Thursday Homebar’s, seeing your friends– the idea of school work sends me into a literal tizzy, especially because I feel like I just finished my Comm Law final yesterday.

Nonetheless, my everlasting hatred toward school is not what this is about. While SMUStyle tends to take a vacay during the summer months, I found it important to discuss a new must-have everyone should take into account before the start of the new year: BuDhaGirl Bracelets.

ROSE GOLD All Weather Bangles, a MUST-HAVE for me. Photo courtesy of @budhagirl.

I learned about these babies from Lauren, our social media director. Her high school bff, Elizabeth DeBeer, works for the brand, and they offered to send me a set. I was ecstatic, I’d seen Lauren wear them all the way up her arm in a medley of fun, bright colors and I died for some for myself. You can imagine my face when about a week later I received my package with a cute little box and a bow that tied up nine gold bangles.

Lauren’s gorg BFF sporting the silver and gold bangles. Photo courtesy of Elizabeth DeBeer.

SO, they might SEEM like your regular bracelets from the outside, but the message runs much deeper. The ones I received were the All Weather Serenity Prayer Bangles. They’re waterproof AND TSA-proof, flexible and filled with gold dust and BuDhaGirl prayer beads. How inspirational. For all the wannabe yogi’s and zen enthusiasts, this is right up your alley.

But really, get this: the bracelets act as a gateway into meditation. Each morning you put them on one-by-one and set your intentions for the day, very relaxing and putting you in a great headspace. At night, while taking them off, you reflect on your day and take a second to breathe.

For me, it’s my daily reminder to take a deep breath and slow down, while also being the cutest accessory on the market, not a joke, I’ve been wearing mine incessantly. I’m a firm believer in mixing gold/silver/rose gold all day every day, so these fit right into my everyday arm candy. Also, my skin is SUPER sensitive to any weird jewelry, so the fact that I haven’t broken out into my typical rash of eczema from these babies is a godsend.

But actually, HOW CUTE!?! The ultimate everyday accessory. Photo courtesy of Elizabeth DeBeer.

Because we love BuDhaGirl SO MUCH and want everyone to have a set (I mean, come on, perfect for the boulevard), the company has graciously offered us a promo code, “SMU20” starting July 1. Original pricing starts at $120. Follow them on Insta here to shop more beautiful styles.

Run, don’t walk. I have a feeling you’re going to see BuDhaGirl on every SMU gal this year.

See everyone in a few weeks :)))) omg.



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