Dry Brushing: The Easiest Way to Detox

September 20, 2018 by

While mindlessly scrolling through one of my favorite health and beauty sites, Goop, I stumbled upon a real God sent technique: dry brushing.

I can assume most of us use a heavy duty exfoliant from time to time, especially before a pre-blvd spray tan, but not every day. This is why I’ve become obsessed with dry brushing. It’s the perfect way to get the detoxing benefits of exfoliating without being too harsh on your skin. Dry brushing works by stimulating the lymphatic system which is the primary way our body collects and gets rid of waste in our blood. So a quick two minutes pass all over using short, upward strokes will not only take away dead skin cells but can also help with other internal functions such as digestion according to Goop’s sources.

Here are a few essentials that’ll get you on your way to detoxing from the outside in:

Body Brush | Citrine Body Oil | Ginger Gloss Body Oil | Creme de Corps Body Oil

Get glowing gals!!





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