DIY Gift Ideas

November 25, 2020 by

Christmas is almost here, which means finding gifts for your friends and family. Gift shopping is not always the easiest thing, so I am here to give you some fun DIY gift ideas. 

If you are at a loss, a five senses gift is always a good idea. Give someone a gift with a scent, a taste, a fun texture, something to hear, and something to see. Whether that is a candle, cologne, candy, alcohol, a fuzzy blanket, a speaker, movie tickets, etc… 

Another idea would be to put together an ice cream gift basket. You could include toppings, their favorite ice cream, syrup, whipped cream, a cute bowl and spoon set, and maybe even a gift card. 

A little wine night kit is a great gift for a girlfriend. Get her favorite wine, a bath bomb, a candle, some makeup, candy, and nail polish. 

If you are artsier, you can pick up a plain wine glass and paint a custom design for a friend. Painting on jeans or clothing is easy as well. Grab acrylic paints in any color you need, but mix the paint with textile medium so it withstands the wash. 

A fun idea for your parents or a couple’s gift is to buy gift cards to a bunch of local restaurants. This way they can have date nights all year round and get out and try new places. 

Essentially, your gift does not have to be over the top. Think of something that the person really likes and how you can incorporate little elements of that into making a themed basket. The presentation is half the battle, so as long as it looks great it should be received well. 

I love giving gifts, and I hope this steers you in the right direction.



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