Dining Hall Hacks

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We all have heard of the dreaded “freshman fifteen,” and I know that eating in the dining hall can be tempting. I’ve made a few dining hall hacks to follow in order to stay healthy while on a meal plan. 


Wake up a little earlier and prepare to wait in line for omelets, but order two scrambled eggs instead. I do not trust the pans of scrambled eggs they keep out all morning, and certainly not the bin of egg yolks they scoop for omelets. If you order scrambled eggs from the omelet station, they will crack the eggs on the pan right in front of you, so you know they are fresh. Add any healthy splash of flavor to your eggs, such as spinach or tomato, and you have a great breakfast to fuel you for your day. P.S. Umph has an omelet station all day long! 

Not a fan of eggs? Grab a piece of toast and steal some avocado from the sandwich and wrap station. 




My go-to lunch is always a wrap! I steal a piece of grilled chicken and cut it up myself to put it into a wrap. They offer spinach wraps, tomato basil wraps, and plain tortilla wraps. I always like to add some avocado, cheese, and chipotle sauce. Grab a few potato chips from the big bowl while they grill your wrap- they are amazing. I love dipping my chips in ketchup. A little bit of everything in moderation is perfect. 



Deciding what to eat for dinner depends on the menu for the day. Sometimes I can’t pick and grab a little bit of everything to nibble on. Whatever you choose, keep the portion size small. A pretty stable item in the dining hall is the baked potatoes.

Super good for you and very filling! Occasionally, I will cave and get the mac and cheese, which is pretty mediocre. However, if you add chicken and buffalo or hot sauce, the mac and cheese is incredible.

You have to scope out all the food, find what you like, and get creative with your meals sometimes. This helps spice up the dining hall so you don’t get bored with its offerings. I always try to avoid the greasy, oily, and fried foods in the dining halls. Otherwise, you should be in the clear. Remember to start thinking outside of the box while you are browsing next time. I hope these hacks help you stay on track!




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