Diet SMUStyle: Copycats Beware

February 27, 2018 by

I don’t like to be a narc, but when I am, I like to call out designers. I’m no @dietprada, but I’ve really taken a liking to this.

If you don’t know about this infamous Instagram, Diet Prada is an influencer who calls out all the copycats of the fashion world. Her niche? She (or, I guess, he) is anonymous. We don’t know who @dietprada is. A little scary, frankly, because that means she/he could be sitting right next to you in class or right behind you in line at Starbucks. She/he is so savage, it’s understandable why she/he has to keep her/his identity a secret. It’s like she/he is a superhero – average person by day, extraordinary Instagrammer by night.

Whoever this person is, she/he calls out EVERYONE. Granted, trends come and go in cycles (who would’ve thought we’d be wearing MOM JEANS?), so it’s become very hard for designers to come up with original content, while still trying to stay relevant, make a statement and, most importantly, create a discourse.

In the spirit of fashion week, especially that we’re on to PARIS now, I thought I’d play Diet Prada for the night. Muhahahah! I feel like I have so much power.

photo courtesy Vogue Runway

This first one got my Diet Prada senses going. I even put it on my personal Instagram story to prove a point. So, Burberry or VERSACE? (Check the prints and materials).

Trussardi v. Tommy Hilfiger; photos courtesy of Vogue Runway

Scarily similar…so I think it’s safe to say racing suits may be a thing. I don’t know about the bright leather, but who am I to judge?

For Love & Lemons v. Dolce & Gabbana; photos courtesy of and Vogue Runway

Uh oh, this is a tough call because I definitely saw the For Love & Lemons dress first… and contemplated buying it. However, Dolce & Gabbana had drones at their fashion show so…

“Clueless” v. Versace, photos courtesy of Pinterest and Vogue Runway

Might as well just credit Cher Horowitz for this one.

Vanderbilt University v. Versace, photos courtesy of Pinterest and Vogue Runway

Anchor down?

Around the neck passport holder v. Jacquemus, photo courtesy of Vogue Runway

It’s a glorified passport carrier… let’s be honest.

Gucci v. Dolce & Gabbana, photos courtesy of Pinterest and Vogue Runway

Looks like D&G is tryna cop Gucci’s popular belt. Hmm, what could possibly go wrong?

Gucci v. Amazon Prime Garment Bags (pack of 6); photos courtesy of Vogue Runway and Amazon Prime

I think I’ve seen one of those things in my closet before…

So, @dietprada, whoever you are, consider this my official application to become a part of your team. I’ve Instagram dm’ed you once, I’m not afraid to do it again.



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