Decoding Business Casual

October 19, 2017 by

Is anyone else wildly confused over this dress code?

Ah, the nightmare that is business casual. For a presentation a few weeks ago, my professor asked our class to come bearing this awkward dress code. She told us not to buy anything new, but to come prepared and looking sharp. Hm.

Considering “business” and “casual” are polar opposites, this attire is undoubtedly the worst to navigate. To make matters even more confusing, the severity of business casual depends on a specific occasion or profession. A fashion PR manager has extra room to wiggle while an executive at an investment bank is strictly in pant suits. So, what about us students?

Call me crazy for overthinking something as simple as an outfit, BUT aren’t you more likely to seem like an expert when your look is on point?

I’ve found that business casual isn’t nearly as weird as it seems – a trip to Zara is simply the remedy. Peruse these affordable staples and ace your next presentation.


Navy | Fuchsia | Checked | Beige

Loose-fitting pants were once my nightmare. Today, they’re my saving grace. Easy to pair and comfortable (thank God for elastic waistbands), trousers are the perfect balance of business and casual. Zara has great options for those that want to stick to something neutral and for those that want to play around with color and texture. This fuchsia situation is speaking to me. If you’re feeling really bold, Zara also has the matching blazer.


Pink | Black | Navy | Camisole

When it comes to tops, it’s important to have options to layer with or to wear solo.


Tweed | Blush | Checked | Black

My favorites! These tweed and checked options are ideal to layer over a simple t-shirt or silky camisole paired with a solid pant. Solid blazers don’t have to be boring – roll up the sleeves and style with a printed bottom.


Tote | Booties | Fringe Earrings | Loafers | Velvet Earrings

Finalize your look with some chic accessories. A statement earring can do no wrong!

Once again, Zara comes in clutch.

Happy Thursday!



Featured image courtesy of Vogue

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