Deck the Dorm with Lots of Decor (Fa la la la la la la la!)

December 1, 2017 by

Christmas is TOO sparkly…said NO one ever.

In addition to coffee, Christmas spirit will be my key ingredient to surviving the painful week and a half of finals. I’ve had Mariah Carey’s classic “All I Want for Christmas is You” on repeat and am already incredibly guilty of excessive online Christmas shopping, but I noticed my Christmas bug was missing something…decor!!! How did I forget the essential Christmas decor?? I have absolutely no idea, but don’t worry, Target saved the day!

Decorating a dorm room is way more complicated than I imagined. You’re already trying to cram shoes, bags, clothes, and other necessities in a teeny room, so you MUST get creative with the decor. When I walked into Target I became heart-struck by the massive Christmas trees, fur stockings, and yards and yards of greenery. I felt the need to buy it all. Much to my dismay, I realized that a Christmas tree would take up my entire room, I have no chimney to hang stockings on, and there is definitely not a staircase in my room to wrap greenery around. So, I gravitated away from traditional decor and took a more sparkly, colorful path that I quickly fell in LOVE with!

While I am jumping with joy at the thought of smelling a fresh Christmas tree when I go home, I think this fun-sized tree from Target will perfectly fulfill my Christmas tree obsession for now. It’s two feet tall, green, and shimmery. What more could you need?? Ornaments and presents, duh.

We all know that Christmas decor is nonexistent if there are no Christmas lights present. As a college student you don’t have a house or big trees to put lights on, but stringing them around a dorm room will have (almost) the same effect. I decided to stick with the boring white lights even though Target has every possible color you can think of!

Everyone needs a little bit of Christmas while they’re beautifying for the day! I came across this glittery lightbulb banner in the dollar section at Target, and there was not a chance I was leaving without it. It was only $2!!!

Light box signs have been catching my eye for quite some time now. The best thing about a light box is that you can put any message on it, so you can use it for birthdays, holidays, and so much more. I could never find a reason to buy one, but I decided that my Christmas decorating adventure was the perfect opportunity. Thank god for Amazon Prime!

A candy cane bouquet is beyond simple, so there are no reasons for excuses! Not only do candy canes look lovely, but I’ve heard they taste pretty fabulous as well. If anyone is looking for me during finals week, you can probably find me in my room snacking on this sweet treat!

Everyone go buy some Christmas sparkle, and (hopefully) it will make finals just a little less agonizing!



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