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When it comes to Pref, all bets are off. I think officially Pref is “cocktail attire” but all I hear is “lesgo crazy!” Now I’m all for personal style flare, but NO, I repeat, NO this does not mean wear your sexy-fied Friday Night Avenu Best. Pref is a day to showcase that classy girl you are— think clinking champagne at brunch with the girls or a meet-the-parents-in-Midtown type of get-up. Still, while most girls were stumbling around in LBDs and basic pumps, I wore this last year and you can wear something just as cool! After rush, I had girls I’d never met before coming up to me saying “OMG! You were the girl that wore the neon dress and leather jacket! That was so cool!” My advice for Pref? Take the bull by the horns and dare to wear something that makes you stand out.

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