Cos Bar: Dallas’s Newest Cosmetic Heaven

February 9, 2018 by

Behold, Cos Bar, every beauty lover’s newest obsession.

Imagine if you took all your most coveted cosmetic brands and placed them within mirrored walls, filled it with the most talented make-up artists and skincare gurus and WHALAAA there you have it… COS BAR!

Last night, a few fellow SMU Stylists and I attended the grand opening of Cos Bar’s newest location here in Dallas, conveniently located in the plaza at Preston Center.

As we walked through the glass doors into the impeccably lit cosmetic showroom, we shared some unmistakable glances and instantly all knew what each other was thinking, “I’ve truly just entered heaven”. I mean, how could we not when we were greeted by the beautiful Andi Henke with goodies and bubbly in hand. Not to mention no matter which way I looked there was a perfectly Insta-worthy view waiting to be captured.

BIG thanks to Andi Henke for the Cos Bar gift cards!!

As I began to browse the endless counters of products, I immediately gravitated toward the hair care section which was complete with some leading brands and personal favs like Oribe and Ouai. Seriously, their products are to die for and will leave you looking like you just stepped out of the salon.

My attention was quickly redirected when I saw the holy grail of all makeup: Tom Ford. When I say this display was simply beautiful I actually mean truly magnetic. I couldn’t help but stand there for 15 minutes and individually pick up every shade of lipstick to visualize which one would soon become my newest staple. It wasn’t until I noticed a few people behind me patiently waiting to admire every rich color, that I pried myself away to finish making my rounds.

Cos Bar truly encompasses every facet of high-end cosmetics. From their sleek interior to extravagant makeup counters, they have turned what sometimes feels like an overwhelming and tedious task into an enjoyable experience. I already have plans to return next week and the week after and probably the week after that. Needless to say, Cos Bar is my new haven.


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