Clean Freaks: Fragrance Edition

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Helllloo ladies of SMU! This week, we are wrapping up our ‘Clean Freaks’ series with the fifth edition…fragrance. 

Now, when I think clean beauty, fragrance certainly isn’t a product that comes to mind. How can a little spritz on the wrist be so bad?! However, after a little research, I have come to find that the fragrance industry might be the ‘dirtiest’ of them all. See, fragrance companies have it lucky because the only information disclosed on a bottle of perfume is the name and the brand. Unlike toxic skincare products, which, like all other skincare, must provide a list of ingredients on the packaging. We’ve all been there reading a list of ingredients and, well,  it might as well be Chinese. We can immediately infer that there are some nasties in that bottle of moisturizer, par exemple. Although not disclosed on the pretty little bottle, perfumes are packed full of toxins (parabens, phthlates, etc). We are spray these toxins straight onto our skin, primarily on the places in our body where they are most easily absorbed (i.e. our wrists, necks and behind our ears). In addition to the toxins, many fragrances contain allergens that cause headaches, itchy eyes and irritation. Lastly, as I have mentioned before, Elle and Bruiser Woods have made it very clear that animal testing is immoral and unnecessary. A vast majority of perfumeries test their products on animals, in order to be distributed in certain countries. You can rest assured that none of these fragrances below have been near an innocent little puppy (or guinea pig, rat, bird,…). So, with all of this being said, let’s get the ball rolling and talk about our favorite clean perfumes!!

Fruity: Skylar ‘Coral‘ – $78 for 1.7oz

For all the fruity fragrances lovers, I suggest Skylar’s ‘Coral’ Scent. Skylar is one of the leaders in clean fragrance and I love the concept behind the brand. ‘Coral’ has notes of grapefruit and apple blossom; the perfect combination to perk you up in the morning. If you’re a true fragrance addict, consider Skylar’s Scent Club, which allows you to try a limited edition fragrance each month. Yes, please!

Cruelty Free | Paraben Free | Non-Toxic

Musky: Sana Jardin ‘Nubian Musk’ – $145 for 100ml

Sana Jardin fragrances are the epitome of luxury, clean perfume. This tantalizing fragrance is constructed with layers of musk, sandalwood, rose and patchouli. This fragrance makes a statement and will turn heads when you walk in the room. It is truly unique and unlike any fragrance I’ve come across. Not only do Sana Jardin’s collection of fragrances have a beautiful aroma, they are also sustainably and socially empowering. Her ‘Beyond Sustainability Movement’ aims to empower every woman, from the harvester of the floral ingredients to the consumer, herself. We love women supporting women and we love this scent.

Sustainable | Paraben Free | Non-Toxic

Fresh: PHLUR ‘S.C. 59’ – $96 for 50 ml

This fresh fragrance was inspired by 1950’s surf clubs and claims to ‘pay homage to summers chasing the perfect wave.’ Being that I spent my childhood summers surfing in Laguna Beach, this description was immediately intriguing. Doesn’t everyone want to bottle up the perfect summer? With a complex mix of mint. amber and orange blossom, this scent takes me back to some of the best days of my life. It’s fresh, clean and playful and I am absolutely in love.

Hypoallergenic | Vegan | Cruelty Free

Sweet: 7 Virtues ‘Vanilla Woods’ – $79 for 50ml

There is nothing better than sweet, sweet vanilla. 7 Virtues is a fair trade, organic fragrance brand with a variety of unique and potent fragrances. This scent is formulated with vanilla essential oil from Madagascar. While the vanilla certainly stands out, there are notes of pear and rose to balance out the sweetness. I particularly love this perfume because it really lasts all day. From my 9am Marketing class to my 6pm workout class, I get a whiff of vanilla and am instantly at ease. Did I mention that these fragrances are shown to alleviate stress. Sign me up.

Organic | Fair Trade | Vegan

Sexy: DedCool ‘Fragrance 1 Taunt’ – $85 for 1.70z

Oh. My. Goooosh. My new signature scent. The moment I smelled this perfect bottle, I fell in love and there was no turning back. My perfume tray filled with designer fragrances suddenly became obsolete. This was the only one I needed. This subtly sexy fragrance is just light enough for the day, but just potent enough for the night. Notes of amber, fresh dew and vanilla are layered perfectly, creating the most unique and gorgeous fragrance that I truly have ever smelled. And, as we all love being complimented on our scent, I must add that I have never been asked what fragrance I was wearing as often as when I wear this. I simply cannot get enough. Drown my body in DedCool ‘Fragrance 1,’ and I will die a happy woman.

Vegan | Non-Toxic | Uni-Sex


And with that, we are done! Thank you to everyone who joined me in this ‘Clean Freak’ series and to all the brands who allowed us to make it possible. Whether you have converted to the clean beauty revolution or maybe just found a great new product to add to your self-care routine, I hope you gained a bit of knowledge about the benefits of a clean beauty routine! Now go have yourself an amazing, non-toxic day. Until next time…

Xo, Lo

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