Cherry: The Mobile Nail Salon, Not the Fruit

November 29, 2017 by

First, there was Uber, then there was Postmates and Favor, then came Soothe- massages at your house in under one hour- what more could we need? Think harder, then look at your hands. THEY NEED LOVE TO! That’s where Cherry comes in.

Hate nail salons as much as I do? Do you dread the waiting and the headache that comes from the overdose of acetone? Well, today is your lucky day. Cherry is here and it intends to bring manis and pedis straight to your doorstep. Think I’m lying, find it in the App Store today.

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Dallas entrepreneurs and busy mama’s Amber Venz Box (founder of rewardStyle and and Whitney Wolfe Heard (creator of Bumble) had an epiphany one day when traveling to San Francisco. The two realized they never had a minute in the day to tend to their nails. Strings were pulled, an app was created and BAM! Cherry was born!

I’ve been in desperate need of a manicure for a solid month now. Not that I don’t have the time, I just don’t care to sit for an hour in a LED lit, 40s pop hits playing nail salon. I’m no Elle Woods, a manicure does not necessarily brighten my day, especially because I have yet to meet my Paulette. It can kind of be like exercising: you dread it, but then you feel like a new person in the end. I shouldn’t be complaining about being able to go get my nails done, but since I can’t physically do them myself, I have no choice.

Cherry has seriously changed my life. The app launched on November 20th, so thankfully, I live within range of where it is available at the moment, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they branch out to other cities soon. Simply download the app, choose what you’re in the mood for (classic, gel or even men’s mani/pedi), put in your address and credit card info, choose a time and a nail technician will be at your door BEFORE your appointment begins. I discovered this lifesaver of an app today and was able to make a reservation for 3pm at 11am. Genius!

You can even host a group Cherry Mani Pedi Party!

My nail specialist, Thao, showed up on time and was as sweet as ever. She brought and set up everything. She was also in and out in less than an hour which was AMAZING. One downfall: Cherry only offers 10 nail polishes at the moment, unless you’d like to use you’re own. So if you’re into bright blues and neon greens, make sure you have your own polish ready. I opted for black; how very ~fall~ and ~mysterious~ of me.

I was a little anxious at first, but Thao and I chatted and watched “Ellen.” She was too sweet!

Venz Box specifically wanted Cherry to focus on hygiene, as she used to have fainting spells in regular nail salons. Because of this, the technicians use no water (sounds weird, but not that weird, I promise) and their supplies are extra EXTRA clean. You can also feel better knowing that you’re in the safety of your own home, so no extra germs from the chairs, foot bowls or sinks.

Everything with Cherry starts around $15. My gel manicure came out to be $50, which may sound like an investment, but you have to consider the fact that someone is coming to your house to have this done for you. Additionally, compared to regular salon prices, it’s pretty normal.

This app has 100% changed my life. Gone are the days of going to nail salons, I’m pretty sold on Cherry. If you’re interested, download the free app and check out their Instagram, @downloadcherry (it’s very aesthetically pleasing).

Have a (Cherry)bomb day!




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