Cheap Thrills

September 29, 2015 by

I think all of us here at SMU are feeling the Homecoming Week Hangover this week….enter HAPPIES! For those unfamiliar with this magical term, “happies” are little presents that do just what they say: make you happy! You may or may not agree with me, but I wholeheartedly believe in a) retail therapy and b) surrounding yourself with things that are pretty. Happies accomplish both of these. Here are a few things that will cheer you up and not break the bank. cheap thrills 2

Flawless Cross-Stich…because Beyonce and needlepoint are the most perfect dichotomy ever.

A Peace Sign Bottle Stopper for your next Wine Wednesday.

I Heart Weekends pouch to remind you that the next one will be here sooner than you think.

A Hustle Bracelet to remind you to keep killing the game.

Geode Barette to resurrect your three-day-old blowout from the weekend.

A Furry Phone Case because why wouldn’t you want a phone case that resembles the hair of those creepy trolls you played with when you were little?

Where’s Karl book to finally upgrade you from Where’s Waldo.

A cute and portable Picnic Blanket because obviously that is a necessity that everyone must own.

Kiss My A** mug so that you leave the house every morning with additional sass.

A Colorful Scarf, or “Confetti Snood” as J.Crew calls it, because it is happy and on sale!

The official Love Letters of Great Men book from the Sex and the City movie. Seriously what else do you need in life.

Hope you liked my happies! Clickity-click and order one for yourself, your Mom, your BFF, a stranger…spread some cheer!

xo, SWM

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