Change of Heart? Change Your Part

September 27, 2018 by

You know those days when you look in the mirror and just feel like you need a change?

Shopping sprees and new makeup products are fun ways to switch things up, but you might be over-looking one priceless way to revitalize your look: your hair part.

Perhaps you’re set in your ways…(confident you’d look like an 80’s newscaster if you even attempted a side part) but you never know how flattering a different look could be until you try it.

Whether you’re a middle, side, or zig-zag part type of girl, it doesn’t hurt to experiment with something new. Changing your part every now and then is actually recommended because it allows the roots to stand up and breathe.

The best way to change your part? After a shower, draw the line for your new part with a carbon tail comb and brush your hair out while it’s still wet. Blow dry the hair down to fall in this new position, tie the hair in a low ponytail or braid, and sleep in it overnight. After a week of sleeping with your hair this way the new part will be as natural as your old one.

The best part for your face shape

Heart – Try a slight or deep side part. The deeper the part, the more it will offset the angularity of the chin that heart-shaped faces often have.

Round – A deep side part or down the middle part looks amazing on round faces. Both of these styles elongate the face, give an illusion of symmetry, and create a flattering contrast of shape.

Square – If your face shape is square, try a side part with wispy side bangs. This creates a softer vibe for those with angled jawlines.

Oval – The oval-faced ladies are known to rock just about any part they try. If you have an oval face, play around with your part and see what works best for you.

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