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One Skirt, Four Ways

May 3, 2017 by

I recently purchased a jean skirt, which for me was something truly outstanding. I’ve wanted one for a long time, but I could never find the ideal one that fit me properly around my waist and wasn’t too tight or too long. Issues, man. I thought this dream skirt didn’t exist, UNTIL my friend who was visiting came home from Zara with it in hand. My dream turned into a reality, and the next day I dragged her back to try it on for myself. On a whim, I ended up buying it. lol are you really surprised?

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About Caroline hogan

Constantly trying to emulate Carrie Bradshaw. Every day is a beautiful day to eat icing out the can and scroll through VSCO. Raised smack dab in the middle of the US of A, loves the Wizard of Oz, @girls_who_eat and anything having to do with Corgis.

What’s in her bag? {Sallie Taylor}

September 22, 2016 by

This week, I caught up with senior Sallie Taylor to take a sneak peak into what this edgy and sophisticated southern chick keeps in her bag.

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About Emily Sharp

A California native with a restless sense of adventure and big dreams of the big apple. I waste my time watching old Hollywood movies or Snapchatting my Australian Shepherds. If I could sustain off of anything I'd make sure it comes with truffles or chocolate. Technologically challenged with absolutely no sense of direction. Audrey Hepburn really got it right when she said, "America is my country, but Paris is my hometown."

Profiled: Maddie Rice ~Makeup Guru Edition~

September 21, 2016 by

Ever look at someone’s flawless makeup in awe and confusion as to why you can’t get yours to look that perfect? Well, Maddie Rice is that girl we’ve all caught ourselves staring at and this week I was lucky enough to get the inside scoop on all of her secrets. Follow Maddie’s steps for “going out” makeup and prepare to wow the crowd at Homebar this Thursday, or at least the few that will remember.

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About Emily Sharp

A California native with a restless sense of adventure and big dreams of the big apple. I waste my time watching old Hollywood movies or Snapchatting my Australian Shepherds. If I could sustain off of anything I'd make sure it comes with truffles or chocolate. Technologically challenged with absolutely no sense of direction. Audrey Hepburn really got it right when she said, "America is my country, but Paris is my hometown."

Profiled: Hanna Refvik

September 15, 2016 by

Last week, we unceremoniously invaded Hanna’s personal space and her closet. This Connecticut cutie certainly has the dorm décor game on lock, and enough adorable pictures to rival North West.

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About Addison Anthony

Lover of Pomeranians, Game of Thrones, and J. Crew pajama sets. I spend my time reading niche travel magazines and gunning for Anthony Bourdain's job, with a foray here and there into the occasional documentary black hole.

Q & A with Sanford Standard

September 8, 2015 by

My pal Mary Sanford McClure started a fashion blog, Sanford Standard, this past April. Now that she’s gotten into the swing of blogging, I couldn’t wait to ask our fellow mustang some quick q’s.

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About Sara Mullally

An aggressively proud Atlantan with a sweet tooth whose favorite things include Dutch Golden Age painting, Hitchcock films, and any cobblestone street. Purveyor of all things pretty and collector of dust collectors. End goal: Iris Apfel.

Style Profile [Page Walker]

March 25, 2015 by



Page Walker is everything; she’s smart, gorgeous, creative, sweet, and trés chic. She’s a member of SMU’s Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority, competes on the Ad team, has interned for D Magazine, styled for Free People, along with a slew of other credentials that set her above the rest. Even with the pressures of school, her extra-curriculars, a social life, and the need for sleep, she maintains her poised demeanor. PAGE4


Her wardrobe never disappoints and seems to have an infinite number of combinations that always keep her looking so stylish. She’s an accessory type, so looking put together is second nature to her. 

If you haven’t met her I’d have to say you’re definitely missing out.

Keep killin’ em Page!



Who’s That Boy? [Julian Ryles]

February 11, 2015 by

You’ll either spot him on campus with his bike or you’ll just spot him in general for what he’s wearing to class that day.  Let me introduce you to Julian Ryles– a junior from San Francisco, California whose style has a lot to do with where he’s from. Dressing comfortably over dressing flashy is his motto, but let’s be honest…even when he dresses comfortably it’s not your typical t-shirt and basketball shorts. Not only is his style great, but he also has killer taste in music to go with it. (Ask him for song recommendations, you won’t regret it) Thankfully we were able to sit down with him recently to get a glimpse of who Julian Ryles really is.

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 12.48.44 PM


Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 12.48.44 PM


Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 12.48.44 PM

SS: Who are your style icons?

Julian : Arthur Ash, Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy, Ryan Gosling, and JFK.


Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 12.48.44 PM

SS: What is your favorite piece to shop for?

Julian: Watches. Because like shoes, it says a lot about a person. I’m into square vintage watches and ones that are hard to find.

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 12.48.44 PM

SS: What would you describe your style as?

Julian: I would say my style is very California-hippie-urban based.

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 12.48.44 PM

SS: What does every guy need in his closet? And why?

Julian: Every guy needs a good pair of vans. They’re great to just throw on, and even when they’re beat up they still look good.

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 12.48.44 PM

SS: What is something you absolutely have to bring with you when you walk out the door?

Julian: A nice pair of sunglasses. I use to be big on Oliver Peoples, but the quality isn’t that great so now I really like Persols.

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 12.48.44 PM

SS: What are you most excited about in 2015?

Julian: I’m excited to hang out with my best friends Rehan, Jared, Austin and Ted. Those guys keep me grounded and they influence me everyday some way or another.





Photos Taken By: Taylor Lewis

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 12.48.44 PM


Don’t Be In[cape]ble

February 9, 2015 by

This Dallas weather has me thrown. Choose a climate! You can’t be 32 on Tuesday and 80 on Friday, that just doesn’t work. In the meantime, we pile on blankets (capes that is). Similar to the snuggie, except we didn’t purchase them from SkyMall, these handsfree blankets are the ultimate style statement for the laziest sartorial snob. Its basically like wearing a socially acceptable robe, so… Blankets are the new coats, haven’t you heard? Daniela and I bared the cold to bring our best cape abilities to the streets.











Photos by Taylor Lewis


1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

 Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 2.16.21 PM


Nicky Hilton + 365 Style Meets Dallas

September 30, 2014 by

Last week on your typical Tuesday night, Addison and I got the chance to meet up with Nicky Hilton at Belk of the Galleria Mall to ask her a few questions about her new book 365 Style, along with some sage fashion advice from the famous fashionista–enjoy!


J&A: What was your inspiration for writing a book and how did this specific book come about?

NH: The idea came about a few years ago when I started becoming active on social media like in the Myspace days, and even Facebook, Twitter, people started writing in to me asking me for style advice and what to wear to certain events. I figured I’ve been in the fashion world for a long time, I started modeling in New York at 16, soon after designing handbags, and clothing. This was just sort of the next evolution.

J&A: Where did the inspiration for the title of the book come from?

NH: I’m a big numbers person, and so it sort of dawned on me that I would get dressed in the morning, and I was talking about it with my girlfriends, we’ll go to our closet, and we have all this stuff, but we feel like we have nothing to wear. Every girl can relate to that, so we found if we had three typical activities to dress for, stuck to six staple pieces and five accessories, we’d have a closet full of stuff that we actually wore.

J&A: What was your favorite part of writing the book?

NH: My favorite part was sitting down with friends and family and sort of interviewing them, having them remind me of different fun fashion memories and just being able to relive them.

Nicky x Belk

J&A: What fall trend are you most excited about?

NH: I love the over-the-knee boot thing, all the animal motifs and embroidery on sweaters and handbags, I love that. I’ve seen a lot of capes, I don’t know if I can kind of pull off that trend but it’s interesting. Pastels and the mod resurgence, I love.

J&A: What is always in your bag?

NH: Rosebud lip salve, a blackberry, an iPhone, and candy – swedish fish.

J&A: What items are worth the splurge?

NH: There’s a chapter in the book actually called the Blacklist, it’s the five items every girl should have that are forbidden to ever enter storage. They are: a nice black blazer, a black pump, a black flat, a black pair of denim, and a black dress. So I would definitely recommend spending money on classic things. It seems like people buy so many trendy items and you spend money on them and then they’re not on trend next season and you won’t be caught dead in them. I have some funny stories about falling victim to that in the book.

Nicky x Belk

J&A: What do you recommend for college kids style/money wise?

NH: I think it’s a big misconception that you need to spend all this money to look stylish, I don’t think that’s true at all. Anyone with a credit card can buy an expensive designer dress. To me, style is about putting your own twist on it and making it different and unique and finding your own signature. For example, Anna Wintour, her signature is the bob and the shades. Jackie O always in the over sized shades. These people have their thing, and I don’t think this should be limited to celebrities.

J&A: So what would your signature be?

NH: I think mine would be cats. I always incorporate it somehow into my wardrobe, whether it’s a necklace or a ring or on my shoes. One of the big talking points of the book is encouraging the reader to find their own sense of style and to not copy their favorite celebrity. Have fun with fashion! It’s a form of expression and it’s your chance to tell the world what you’re all about without having to speak. We’re constantly making first impressions even when we don’t realize it, so why not make it a bestseller?


Nicky is clearly a force to be reckoned with and we wouldn’t be surprised if you found her working her Stuart Weitzman over-the-knee boot in a city near you as she continues her book signing–but first stop…a mini break in France as she attends Paris Fashion Week (it’s fine, we plan on hitting the road with her to PFW as well).

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 5.29.47 PM

A BIG thank you to our friends at Nuñez PR Group for all of the pictures and help!

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 5.29.47 PM

Nicky x Belk

-brb running over to the bookstore to pick up a copy of the book and you should too-

xx–jjan & A

Student, fashion lover… Jewelry designer. {Annabel Massey}

March 6, 2014 by

Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 11.15.27 AM

Not-your-typical-southern-belle Annabel Massey is stepping outside the norm to express her creative ability in a worldly manner.


 Any generalizations you might make about the typical preppy SMU student would not be applicable to Annabel Massey. Even at first glance, her unique style separates her from the rest of the pack.  Often adorned in multiple layers of jewelry and scarves, Annabel sets her own style.


“Traveling and collecting memories has been my passion since a young age,” Massey remarked with regards to the source of inspiration for her eclectic jewelry line. On some of her favorite destinations, “Africa and India,” she declares, “I love these two places above all because their culture is so adorned and beautiful.” She feels lucky to have been able to experience so many cultures around the world concluding that her travels have provided her with “really all the inspiration one needs.” Her line of jewelry consists of stackable bracelets and beaded necklaces, all unique and one of a kind.


Massey originally had no intentions of selling her pieces or even starting a line. She began beading at a young age where she was drawn to channeling her creative energy into art. “Instead of watching TV shows or movies, I was always wanting to be more creative and construct art,” she explains. After years of collecting beads, and dedicating countless hours into transforming them into wearable pieces, Annabel finally built a sizable collection.


It wasn’t long before Massey’s stepmother offered to sell pieces of her collection in her award winning Houston based boutique, Laboratoria. Without a second doubt, Massey debuted her line at the boutique the summer before her arrival at SMU. With the help of her stepmother, she settled on the name ACJewels to represent her brand as well as her middle name, Jewel. Unsurprisingly, the line began selling rapidly and requests for the popular styles became more and more numerous. Annabel now works off of commission for her unique jewels.


IMG_1277 IMG_2889 IMG_2885

 Get Annabel’s key fashion pieces listed below:

 Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 11.31.08 AM

1) Gold Necklaces

2) Combat boots

3)  Black spandex

4) Sequin bras

XO, Sky