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Holiday Gift Guide – Pet Obsessed Friend Edition

December 4, 2019 by

Ahhh the holiday season. Lights, hot chocolate, and gifts what else could you possibly ask for?! While getting and unwrapping all the gifts is always fun, buying the perfect gifts for all your loved ones can be kind of tricky. Here’s our picks for that family member or friend that loves their pet more than anything in the world.


Of course I had to start with the newest funniest trend of getting that special someone socks with a face of their pet. This company not only does this for pets, but can also put any other photo on socks you could ever want.

This gift is sure to put a smile on the face of your pet-obsessed friend. These adorable pillows are custom made for any and every pet you could think of!

Even if you don’t have a pet-obsessed friend, this gift is so amazing that you could even get this for yourself. Matching with your furry friend never goes out of style.


This gift is so trendy and stylish that it would look good on any wall. This amazing canvas is 10000% custom made, so if you know what colors you need to match, you can just add that detail in on the order. You can also pick a headshot or full-body for however you want to portray your favorite pet.

I had to end this gift guide with the most adorable set which is a gift not only for your pet, but also for the owner! This gift is perfect for any pets that love to play with squishy toys.

These gifts are sure to make the day of that person you’re thinking about after reading this.

I hope your holiday shopping is as much fun as getting gifts yourself.



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A short, blonde, and bubbly Kansas City native -- but, don't talk to me pre-skinny vanilla latte because that's a different person, and I don't even like her. Have probably wasted months of my life analyzing the intricacies of the Bass-Waldorf relationship. I'm a strong believer that any problem can be fixed by a day of retail therapy, a little bit of faith, and a whole lot of mimosas.

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A Texas girl with a West Coast flare. Shopping is my favorite sport. My music taste is as well versed as my style. What I’ve seen around the world ties together who I am. Find me making laps around the Eatzi’s samples.