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Dallas Does Brunch

March 8, 2013 by

ddb_ns11img_04181As SMU students, we know our Saturdays and Sundays usually include some type of brunching activities. Well known for its great restaurants, Dallas is a perfect place for brunchers, as well all know. But one blog (and great group of peps) is merging the best of both [dallas] worlds; brunch + fashion. I sat down with Dallas Does Brunch‘s editor, the darling Katie Sarah Roberts, and chatted about DDB and what we have to look forward too!

MCK: What is your inspiration for the blog?

KSR: We came up with the idea initially as a joke! DDB Co-Founder Lucy Sosa and I were at The Common Table, and after a few Bloody Marys we joked about starting a blog to justify our brunch rendezvous. After seriously entertaining the idea for a bit, we realized that we were actually onto something!

MCK: Will you cover different topics besides the brunch scene? If so what do you have in mind?

KSR: Although DDB focuses on the Dallas brunch experience, we don’t want to limit ourselves. We encourage our contributing writers to think outside the box when pitching story ideas— and we’re open to covering ‘different’ topics that still relate back to food or fashion in some way.

MCK: Is it just you that manages and creates content for your blog?

KSR: Right now Lucy and I are mainly responsible for managing the content on our blog and social media accounts. However, we do accept contributed content, and credit all contributors for their work.

MCK: Can you explain your brunch style in a few words?

KSR: Comfortable & Spontaneous. What I wear is never planned out —It’s very “in the moment” and comes together organically. The only requirement is that my outfit must be comfortable enough to get away with consuming copious amounts of food and adult beverages

MCK: Funniest thing you have seen while brunching?

KSR: People in snuggies, or girls in stiletto pumps.

MCK: What’s on the DDB list to try?

KSR: We literally have a list of 40+ restaurants on our list to try. Right now I would say Terilli’s, Zaza Sunday School brunch, and The Libertine Bar are at the top. We also look forward to trying places that are more “off the beaten path” for SMU students, like Penne Pomodoro and Café Brazil (pardon my sarcasm).

MCK: And your favorite brunch spot is….

KSR: I have to give a shout out to The Common Table! Without brunching there, Dallas Does Brunch might not have existed!


So whether you you’re on the Blue umbrella team or prefer the across the street team,  Red umbrellas, DDB will have you covered on styles of Dallas brunchors and brunchettes who hit the best spots in town.


[images via Dallas Does Brunch}

Pilates Body

February 12, 2013 by


Ladies [and gents] I have discovered one of the best workouts I’ve had in a while. Located on Hillcrest – right next to campus – The Pilates Barre is a toning, kick-butt pilates class using reformer machines, in addition to a bootcamp class offered Tuesday nights. They have specials for SMU students and I, personally, recommend these classes to anyone looking to get in shape and to get long lean muscle. Spring Break is in fact less than a month away. Go to for class times – sign up for an intro class for $15! Hope to see you there.


xx Mackenna

What’s in Her Bag? {Rebecca Marin}

February 6, 2013 by

Say hello to Miss Rebecca Marin. This petite package exemplifies why SMU’s campus is well known for it’s stylish student body who can be seen any day on the Boulevard. Rebecca’s blog  is one of the many among SMU’s fashion entrepreneurs ( if you will) and quite impressive. She is even offering a Valentine’s Day giveaway with a whole bunch of goodies for all her readers! You might see Miss Marin roaming campus (most likely looking adorable), heading up some business for SMU Fashion Week or study her little butt off in the library (once again, probably looking adorable) because not only does Rebecca flip through magazines like Vogue, where she has previously worked [jealous], but through Public Relations, Advertising, or Communications books. That’s right people, this lady is double  triple majoring. Style and smarts, that’s an A+ in our book. Curious as to what this gal carries around in her [ever-so classic] bag? Take a look!

Bag: Phillip Lim Pashli Satchel in Black

1. Her little black book (aka planner, which she got from her boss when she worked at Vogue)

2. Her handy dandy Iphone (Get Rebecca’s cute case!)

3. Kate Spade Card Keeper (for her adorable business cards!)

4. SUGAR Lip Balm

5. ‘Good as Gold’ Essie Nail Polish

6. Kiehl’s Lip Balm

7. Extra Bobbi Pins and Hair Ties

8. Starbucks Very Berry Hibiscus VIA Refresher

 Don’t forget to visit Rebecca’s blog for some extra eye candy!

Fusion Fitness

October 2, 2012 by

Calling all ladies: there’s a new workout in town that has girls on SMU’s campus talking.


Fusion Fitness came to the Trinity Lofts in the design district of Dallas last spring, introduced by workout guru, Lander Peerman. Not only the owner, but also an instructor, Peerman’s workouts combine three workout formats focused on blasting calories and toning specifically for the women’s body.


“Our classes concentrate on pushing the body through intense interval training. By using treadmills, we are able to increase our members’ aerobic capacity and thus, strengthen their heart and entire body,” said Peerman.


Peerman moved to Dallas after living in New York City, where she taught at several different studios. After moving, she decided to combine all the facets of working out she enjoyed – speed, strength, and stretch – in order to create her own 45 minute to one hour sessions. The three concepts come together in her fusion classes, which include Power Pilates, Tabata, Cardio Circuits, Yoga Sweat, Kickboxing, and Sweat N Stretch.


“Every Fusion class incorporates some combination of speed drills to increase aerobic capacity, strength drills to work every muscle group in the body, and stretching drills to keep the body limber, agile, and relaxed,” said Peerman.


So is Fusion Fitness right for you?


“We attract members who want to have a kick butt workout and who appreciate challenging their body and maintaining a healthy lifestyle!” Peerman said.