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Holiday Gift guide under $50

December 9, 2020 by

December is just around the corner, and you know what that means… its officially the Holiday season! We totally have you covered this year with gift ideas, and today I wanted to share my top 5 ideas under $50 with you.

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About Sophie Mcguire

My name is Sophie & I am an 18 year old lifestyle blogger from Dallas, Texas. I am so excited to be starting my freshman year at SMU! A few of my fave things….. fresh iced matcha lattes, my family, friends, pilates, shopping, traveling, reading, sunshine, the ocean, pasta with pink sauce, and connecting with you!

Gift Guide: For the Beauty Lover

December 8, 2020 by

Every year brands launch their long-awaited holiday collections. Ranging from curling iron sets to lip gloss duos, it’s a beauty lover’s dream. These sets usually sell out quickly because they give you incredible value for your money, so be sure to get these gifts before they’re gone! The gift options can seem endless, so SMUStyle is here to help you find what the beauty junkie in your life will love!

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PO&Co: Stars, Stars, and Stars!

December 8, 2020 by

Two Fairfield University Juniors Olivia Robichaud and Paulina Contreras have created an eccentric and colorful brand that needs to be in your closet!

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About Clementine Marcogliese

BIG CITY, BRIGHT LIGHTS! I traveled from the Big Apple to DTX all in search of my favorite and best. Shopping is always fun on Madison Ave, but I am finding Highland Park Village just as fab! With a cowgirl kick in my step, always dressed head toe in my best, join me as I explore all the cool things I adore!

Gift Guide: For the Fitness Lover

December 7, 2020 by

We all have that friend who is basically a fitness guru. So, what’s left to buy them when they already have the dream at-home workout space, they rock the chicest athleisure there is, and they already take everybody’s favorite supplements?

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About Andrea Gonzalez

Native Houstonian but Mexican at heart. Fashion enthusiast and Skincare junkie. I love trying out new food and keeping an eye out for new up and coming designers.

My Holiday Wishlist: AP Tirado

December 4, 2020 by

With the holidays right around the corner, I have began the inevitable process of gift shopping. I love buying presents for other people so much that I decided to craft the ultimate Christmas wishlist full of items that I personally would love to gift or be gifted. Keep reading for some serious gift inspo!

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About Ana Paula Tirado

I'm a part-time cowgirl, part-time cheese connoisseur and full-time fashion addict. In my free time I can be found sipping a matcha latte whilst walking the Katy Trail.

Gift Guide: ‘Cool’ in the Cold

December 3, 2020 by

‘Tis the season for… GIFTS!!.. and what do people really want? Well, I will be disclosing highly coveted information about the trendiest products to stay warm, comfy, and cozy this holiday season.

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About Katie Abrams

Homegrown in Cali and Florida. Workout-enthusiast in the morning, professional sunbather in the afternoon, and socialite at night. Lululemon-addict and REVOLVE's number 1 fan.

A Skin Care Addicts Holiday Gift Guide To Beating ‘Maskne’

December 2, 2020 by

Healthy glowing skin is every college girl’s best accessory. Although, with masks becoming the new norm, it has made it increasingly difficult to obtain healthy glowing skin. Since Christmas is just a few weeks away, I’ve created a gift guide of things that will help bring back that glow and get rid of the “maskne” that has resulted from wearing masks.

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Holiday Gift Guide: For the Master Chef

December 1, 2020 by

Personally, I love getting in the kitchen and making food for everyone. Getting in the kitchen isa great way to bring people together especially during the holiday season. If you have a friend that loves cooking with their whole heart like me, here are some perfect gift ideas for the master chef!

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About Valentina Martino

Just a girl from the OC who loves a good bowl of pasta and a fresh new pair of sneakers. Fashion enthusiast & SoulCycle addict. Revolve, rose gold, and iced vanilla lattes are my weaknesses.

Gift Guide: For Your Girlfriend

November 30, 2020 by

Calling all boys who have no idea what to gift their girlfriend for the holidays. Keep reading to check out some items that your girlfriend is bound to love!

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About Julia Fox

Just a sushi-loving Californian living in a tex-mex world. If you can't find me basking in the sun, I am probably at a mimosa-brunch with my girlfriends. Fashion fanatic. Purse addict. Bloomingdale's devotee. Movie snob. Green tea sipper. Concert go-er.

The Perfect Picnic.

November 30, 2020 by

Three SMU Juniors have sure added a bit of color to this semester with their perfectly perfect picnics!

Rosedale Picnic Company is made up of three SMU Juniors: Caroline Jones, Emma Eaker, and Mackenzie Wray. They first met as freshman friends and now have turned into the best of friends and business partners!

Photo Credit @rosedalepicniccompany

“We came up with the idea during the summer when we were all home (Dallas, Tx; Birmingham, AL; and Winston-Salem, NC) we had come across a picnic company in Santa Barbara on Tiktok (where all great ideas are born). We immediately decided that we wanted to put our own spin on these picnics and came up with a whimsical, light, floral look which became Rosedale Picnic Company.”

Each of the girls have their own specialties within in the company in order to keep it running effortlessly. Emma overseas the finances, Caroline does the PR, and Mackenzie does their marketing. All three girls however love decorating the tables capes and coming with ways to incorporate client request into each picnic.

“We also enjoy seeing how happy these picnics make others and that is another favorite and rewarding aspect of the job!”

“The setup process took a bit of time to perfect but we have it down to a science. Since we all live in apartments near campus, we had to get creative with storing all of our dishes, glasses, linens, silverware, pillows, blankets, and of course tables. We put all the items we need before each picnic and split the items between the three of us. We have a fun section on our Instagram highlights called “Tap to Build” where you can see our set up process as well.”

Photo Credit @rosedalepicniccompany

Rosedale Picnic Company have done 30 picnics so far this fall. Right now, they are most excited to see all the picnics this spring holds, once it warms a bit! They are also hoping to expand in order to accommodate larger group sizes.

“A few picnics that stick out to us would be any of our pink picnics (the pink is our signature color). We also love doing bridal shower picnics and also have a lovely all-white set for the bride-to-be. We did a Halloween picnic for an SMU alum and local Dallas influencer which turned out to be a fun tablescape. Lastly, nothing makes us happier than when we set up picnics for fellow SMU students and those are always memorable for us.”

The perfect picnic does exist and Rosedale Picnic Company knows how to do it!

XX, Clementine

About Clementine Marcogliese

BIG CITY, BRIGHT LIGHTS! I traveled from the Big Apple to DTX all in search of my favorite and best. Shopping is always fun on Madison Ave, but I am finding Highland Park Village just as fab! With a cowgirl kick in my step, always dressed head toe in my best, join me as I explore all the cool things I adore!