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It Boy {John Pennington}

March 5, 2014 by

Whenever I see John Pennington, whether that be around campus on his way to class or out at night, he is always dressed up like the classy gentleman that he truly is.  This SMU senior and president of Sigma Chi never fails to bring his true style to campus, so of course I had to catch up with him and figure out some of his style secrets on how he brings his own bad-ass twist to the typical preppy SMU uniform.
DSC_0092_2 DSC_0096 DSC_0099DSC_0109glasses / shirt / watch / jeans / shoes 

How would you describe your style?

I would say my style is a very WASPy-British-gentlemen-influenced-overly-hyphenated-classic-prep look with a lot of elements like tailoring, patterns, colors, and fabrics reminiscent of styles from the 1950s and 1960s country club looks. In short, modern gentlemen. Recently I’ve been focused on adding more basics in timeless cuts and neutral colors with really subtle, yet unique details in them.  I like to look well put together with an original style – I like finding things that I won’t see anyone else in Dallas wearing mixed with staple pieces. But I think the most important thing about what I wear is that it’s comfortable and that it makes me feel good.


What’s your must-have without item?

Prorsum tailored navy suit or Tom Ford black velvet tuxedo slippers (the basics, right?)


Who is your favorite designer?

Burberry Prorsum


Who is your style icon?

Fictional characters: James Bond, Jay Gatsby, and Bill Cosby (great sweater collection)

Real people: Daniel Craig, Leonardo DiCaprio, Justin Timberlake and Eddie Redmayne


Where is your favorite place to shop?

As a Dallas native, the first store I go to is always Neiman Marcus. I also consistently check out the new shipments whenever they come in at Burberry Northpark (Mary Lou is the best stylist) and the Seven for All Mankind store.


Why did you get interested in fashion?

In high school I worked retail at Northpark and was constantly around sophisticated and picky shoppers and high-end clothes. Growing up in Dallas, you have access to tons of great designers and so many boutiques and luxury retailers – Neiman Marcus, stores of Highland Park Village, Northpark boutiques, etc. –  that are known for their customer service and personal client care. Now I work at J. Crew at Northpark and am constantly looking at new trends, styles, and designers from stores in Northpark and around Dallas and enjoy setting myself apart with a unique and defined style that is more refined than most 22 year olds.


Spring Break Forever

March 2, 2014 by

Screen Shot 2014-03-02 at 9.13.57 PM
I think we can all agree on the fact that just about everyone is counting down the days until spring break. I’m outta here and back to Cali Thursday AM and couldn’t be more ready. Surely I’ll be hitting up the beach and soaking up some sun but what about those of you headed to the snow?  Your friends at SMUstyle certainly have not forgotten you! Whether you’re headed to London to visit family like Jenna or off to Aspen to hit the slopes like Schuyler, we’ve got you covered.

Screen Shot 2014-03-02 at 9.05.18 PMScreen Shot 2014-03-02 at 9.03.37 PMmen: J. Crew Sweater | Moncler Backpack | Ski Goggles | RL Olympic Pea Coat | Timberlands | Burton Snow Coat | J. Crew Sweats

women: Ray Ban Sunglasses | Ski Pants | EOS Chapstick | Gucci Fur Beanie | Snowboard Travel Bag

SMUstyle’s Most Eligible Bachelor: Dustin Drai

February 12, 2014 by



Yesterday I traversed the icy winds to sit down with SMU’s very own Dustin Drai. Maybe I’m being a little dramatic… who wouldn’t want to spend an evening with SMUstyle’s most eligible bachelor?! Once arriving at the FIJI fraternity house, we got right to business.




Name: Dustin Drai

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Year: Sophomore

Age: 20



SK: So Dustin, tell our readers a little bit about yourself— what was it like growing up in Los Angeles?


DD: It was a ton of fun growing up in LA. You get the opportunity to meet of ton of great people. I went to high school where it was normal to see a famous person’s face every day. Life in LA is different than Dallas though: it’s very fast paced.




SK: Do you feel that your hometown and lifestyle back in LA has influenced your style? If so, how?

DD: Yes. A lot of fashion comes out of LA so that has definitely influenced me. My style is very trendy: I don’t wear Sperry’s and never would. You’ll catch most guys around campus wearing plain blue tees or something like that. I’m very flashy. I love crazy t-shirts: flowers, neon, metallics— most things you don’t see guys wearing around campus. Had I not been from LA, I don’t know how much of that I’d be wearing on my own.




SK: Clearly we are interviewing you for a reason: you are SMU’s most eligible bachelor. Do you think you are deserving of this title? Why or why not?


DD: Oh yeah! 100%! Because I haven’t found the right girl yet, I would agree I’m an eligible bachelor. I’m a very loving person so maybe that day will come soon.




SK: What do you think your reputation around campus is with the ladies? With the boys?


DD: Oh god….. Like I said, I think that I am a very outgoing and loving guy and the girls enjoy being around me. I believe they enjoy my company because they know I always have a good time. As for guys, I’m friends with everyone— I don’t have any enemies. Or at least I don’t think I do….




SK: Let’s talk love. Valentine’s Day Plans?


DD: No plans besides just going out with the boys. We’re going to meet up with some friends, so who knows what could happen?




SK: Now, let’s get cheesy. If you did have someone special in your life, what would be the ideal date?


DD: Oh I have this down. Pick her up in a limo with champagne on ice and roses waiting. Take her to an extremely nice restaurant with a private table set in the back. We would have a great meal and then after, I’d find a fun spot or show to check out. Los Angeles is famous for awesome lookouts in the mountains with great views or the City or Valley. Here in Dallas, that might be a little more difficult to find. After, I would either book us a beautiful hotel room or take her home depending on how the night goes. [Such a gentlemen, we cry.]



SK: Lastly, since this is a fashion blog after all (although we are known for posting some swoon-worthy men), what fashions do you find most attractive on women? When you walk into Avenu on a Friday night, what outfit makes you stop, say hello, and offer that all-powerful cheek kiss and bear hug that makes the ladies melt?


DD: Today’s fashion is so different— it used to be only about who was wearing the shortest or tightest dress at the club. Now a girl could rock anything from jeans with high heels and a cool top to a jumper one-piece. Fashion changes every day and I think my personal preferences adapt with it. Honestly though, as long as a girl looks confident in what she’s wearing, it doesn’t really matter. It’s not the clothes that make me stop and say hello, it’s the girl herself.




Now ladies, this isn’t all about the man— we interviewed a couple of you and got the word from the street:


Why we love him


“Dustin is such a little charmer. I always look forward to that kiss on the cheek whenever I see him!”


“Ultimate hunk. So sexy with his hair all gelled.”


“Dustin’s great! He knows how to show everyone a good time!”


And a little Mean Girl reference never hurt anybody….


 “I saw Dustin wearing army pants and flip flops… so I bought army pants and flip flops.”


Why we don’t


“Well he’s hooked up with all my roommates but I’d still be down…”


“He calls himself Mr. Las Vegas but he doesn’t even live there.” [SMUstyle got the skinny: He works and lives out there during the summer!]


“Why I don’t like Dustin? Because I don’t stand a chance. But one can always dream…”


After changing out of his snappy suit, Dustin was off to Dedman for a quick workout before hitting up Fondren for a late-night study sesh. With a tight hug and a kiss on the check, my day with Dustin Drai was done.


xx, SK

Photos by Shelly Knutson

The Most Stylish Club in Dallas

January 31, 2014 by

On a recent escapade through the streets of Dallas, I stopped by Knox/Henderson’s new outfitter, The Trunk Club.  The bold block letters mark the spot on Henderson, and join the likes of other Dallas favorites (if you haven’t tried Velvet Taco and/or Sissy’s, leave this page—you are not worthy).


So they have this incredible concept that gives men a completely personalized shopping experience with style and comfort. Based on the customer’s taste, a “trunk” is filled with wardrobe essentials that can re-vamp or improve their style, depending on what they’re looking for.




When you first enter the glass doors, you’ll be greeted by one of their top-tier associates (say hi to Lindsey, she’s amazing), followed by a personally-assigned consultant who will then sit down and begin to get a feel for your steelo.

Then begins the real fun.


Specially selected racks of clothes and shoes will be presented to you at your decked out styling center. With the option of having almost anything customized to your specific measurements and a never-ending assortment of the best threads, you are sure to find the perfect get-up. I know when shopping for myself, I run into problems like needing another opinion, feeling rushed, and a lack of inventory, but the Trunk Club takes care of the stress and truly makes your shopping trip one to enjoy. The pop up dressing rooms add a cool, nouveau-chic twist, and the overall décor sets a modern, yet very homey mood. The fitting area is naturally lit, expanding the space and setting a refreshing tone of clarity.

*Added bonus: while you enjoy your experience, a full bar waits for you to make your pick.

From a man’s perspective, it’s a genius idea–for those who have no fashion sense, they will give you one, and for those who do, you just hit the lottery. From a fashionisto’s perspective, it’s fabulous–taking the stress out of shopping, while staying hot with the newest trends.



Although the in-store extravaganza is something not to be missed, you can also order online, and through a similar experience, have your customized trunk delivered to you. For all my Chi-town mustangs, their home store is in Chicago, so take your friends and family. They also have gift cards available making it impossible to miss this immaculate experience. (Sidenote: Valentines Day is in like 2 weeks, a.k.a his present = a visit to The Trunk Club). The Trunk Club has made my list of Dallas’s finest treasures, and I look forward to seeing them make the DTX just that much more stylish.

Stay Classy SMU,

Taylor Lewis

We Wish You a Trendy Christmas

December 11, 2013 by

Picking the perfect holiday gift for guys can be one of the hardest tasks on your Christmas to-do list. Well, worry no longer, your gift-guru has got you covered. I’ve included a few essentials that will give you a basis for choosing what’s best for your man.


1. Stellar shades are a crucial, regardless of who is wearing them. In case you haven’t heard, 70s is sexy, and these Alexander McQueen circular aviators give guys an opportunity to still rock the classic masculine look, while adding the ultimate trendy twist.

2. Give him a gift that will remind him to “stay hydrated”. Both hilarious and handy, flasks are clutch for low budgets and gag-gifts.

3. LADIES DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THE IMPORTANCE OF A MAN’S RAZOR. Help him stray away from breakouts and razor bumps with an elite electronic razor.  The Philips SensoTouch 3D guarantees a clean shave without irritability or hassle (and is honestly why my skin looks near-flawless after every shave).

4. Keep him smelling fresh with a personalized fragrance. Head over to Northpark and get dizzy off of the entrancing aromas of this winter’s hottest colognes. Personally, I think Tom Ford’s Tuscan Leather is an appropriate choice for any guy. It’s rich and luxurious scent will keep him smelling refined, suave and slightly mysterious.

5. Watches say a lot about a man, so save this gift for somebody special. Whether the guy is sporty, preppy, indie, or trendy, a signature watch will not only improve his overall look, but remind him to stay on time (hopefully).

6. With the constant weather changes here in Texas, a statement scarf is essential to any man’s wardrobe. Skip the expected Burberry check, and scout for more adventurous prints. This Etro paisley-wool scarf subtly intertwines neutral tones with mad steez, providing the fundamental winter accessory.

7. HUF socks are on almost every guy’s wish list due to their notoriety, economical expense and dope demeanor. So buy him a pair or two, because quite frankly grandma’s weren’t cool enough.

Take a study break, browse through these links (underlined numbers), and find that boy the present you’ve been searching for. I wish you all the best of luck on finals and a most extravagant Christmas holiday.

Stay Classy SMU,

Taylor Lewis