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The Gift Guide: For The Boyfriend

December 7, 2018 by

So your mom is a sucker for antique salt and pepper shakers on Christmas and your dad practically salivates when he opens the barbecue cookbook you got him. But how do you shop for your boyfriend or significant other of the male sex? Continue Reading

About Mary-Bennett Sigal

An aspiring artist and fashionista, you'll rarely see me without light blue polish on my nails. A firm believer that any problem can be solved with a glass of red and spaghetti bolognese. Usually wearing some element of fur, they like to call me a girly-girl. The perfect accessory? Kindness and a dry sense of humor.

Glam Up to Gobble Down

November 13, 2018 by

No matter where you are spending Thanksgiving this year, you are likely facing the classic dilemma. Do I wear sweatpants for the chow down, or do I try to make myself semi-presentable incase aunt Shelly demands a photo? Whether you opt for comfort or chicness, I’ve got you covered. Find inspiration for all possible Thanksgiving moods below.

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About Sarah Smith

An avid doodler and restaurant enthusiast, I spend my days exploring Dallas with friends and plotting future adventures. Favorite things of mine include iced tea, contemporary art, Paper Magazine, a good bath, and my Vizsla Lola.