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Devouring Dallas

New House on the Block

April 19, 2018 by

I was recently introduced to my new favorite lunch spot and I’ve been dying to share it with the rest of Dallas!

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About Cairo Kim

If I'm not eating sushi or binge watching my newest Netflix addiction you can probably find me at soul cycle or in soul cycle attire. Obnoxious, I know. Originally from sunny California and infected with the travel bug at a very young age, I'm just happy to be here!

Goop is Back, Back Again

April 17, 2018 by

I think I died and woke up in the Goop Store…

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About Maggie Borders

Celebrity stuck in a Joe-Shmo body. Loves: High Ceilings, Rose Wednesdays, maximalist accessories. Hates: Crocs, horror movies, when people say the word "nippy." Currently working on my fear of online shopping and waiting for the addition of the disco ball emoji.

Weekend Detox

February 21, 2018 by

After a long weekend full of brunches and exploring uptown’s Theory nightclub, we could all use a good detox. Continue Reading

About Chase Piper

Brunette and bubbly- you'll always catch me sporting a new pair of sneakers with any outfit. Kendrick Lamar is my idol and if I'm not listening to him then I'm jamming to old school rap and online shopping on Revolve. I'm from Denver, I'm a victim of OCD and can't go through the week without hitting the juice bar at Equinox. I live for lighting a candle and binge watching Netflix.

Sip Sip Hooray: Wine on a Dime

February 9, 2018 by

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About Mary-Bennett Sigal

An aspiring artist and fashionista, you'll rarely see me without light blue polish on my nails. A firm believer that any problem can be solved with a glass of red and spaghetti bolognese. Usually wearing some element of fur, they like to call me a girly-girl. The perfect accessory? Kindness and a dry sense of humor.

Study Spaces for When You Need a Break from Fondren

November 30, 2017 by

Well here we are, roughly two weeks left in the semester, aka the time when reality begins to set in, and an overwhelming panic about finals takes over. Whether you’re the type of student who has kept up on all the assignments throughout the semester or you’re the queen of procrastination, everyone needs a quiet place to focus. Before you mentally prepare yourself to live the remainder of the semester in Fondy, I am here to offer you some alternative study spaces around Dallas for a much needed change of scenery.

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The Italian Restaurant We’ve All Been Waiting For

November 28, 2017 by

Has anyone else noticed Dallas’ lack of Italian cuisine? It’s completely unacceptable. While yes, our city does have Lucia and Canne Rosso, there’s hardly anything in between month-long waitlists and uber casual vibes. Let’s face it – Lucia is to die for but has a smaller, more upscale menu and we only go to Canne Rosso for those mouth-watering pizzas. In my opinion, most all other restaurants kind of missed the mark. Maybe I’m picky. Anyways, it’s safe to say these are great options, but they still don’t suffice. So, where can our Italian cravings be satisfied? Sassetta, of course.

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About Alegra Volpe

Proud South Texan that's never met a parmesan truffle fry I didn't like. Harper's Bazaar devotee and lover of rooftops, Sofia Coppola films and anything vintage. A typical daydream includes lounging on a Mexican beach.

(Wishing I) Just Touched Down in London Town

November 21, 2017 by

While amid grueling presentations and exhausting exams, I’ve caught myself reminiscing on my summer travels. With no school and a very-lax intern schedule, I visited one of my favorite cities in the world: London. Here, I ate, drank, and shopped my heart out for five days, while taking in all the city had to offer. With Thanksgiving and Christmas break coming up, I thought I’d share all of London’s best kept secrets!

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About Lexie Hanna

Obsessions include all-things interior design, extravagant charcuterie boards, & the color blush. Always dressed in head-to-toe black, while either planning my next vacation or day-dreaming of dessert.