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Dallas’ Hidden Gems

February 9, 2021 by

I honestly was hesitant about writing this post because these places are so good that I don’t want to share. My favorite places to dine around Dallas all have a few things in common and those are: they are quaint, they are hidden, and they are sophisticated.

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About Caroline McNaghten

A native Clevelander with a love for travel, queso, and a fun time with good company. If I'm not laying in the sun, I'm probably at Corepower Yoga or planning my next vacation.

Your Mind Matters

April 2, 2020 by

I’m pretty good at taking care of myself physically. I work out, try to eat healthy (often succumbing to a good burger) and place importance on my skincare and haircare routine. But what about mentally and emotionally? There is stigma surrounding mental health that sometimes makes it hard to openly discuss our problems and adress them. These are uncertain and stressful times for many– COVID-19 is affecting our SMU community and the world. A global pandemic is going on, yet a lot of us have to continue working and keeping up with school. With all this stress piling on, I wanted to write a couple of ways to make sure you are taking care of yourself internally. Keep on reading for my wellness tips! Continue Reading

About Ana Paula Tirado

I'm a part-time cowgirl, part-time cheese connoisseur and full-time fashion addict. In my free time I can be found sipping a matcha latte whilst walking the Katy Trail.

Virtual, or Reality? Dreamscape at NorthPark

February 27, 2020 by

Dreamscape—the ultimate VR experience just opened at NorthPark mall. In partnership with AMC, this mini theatre gives you multiple options for a way to take an adventure with virtual reality. Continue Reading

About Nina Kidd

A Texas girl with a West Coast flare. Shopping is my favorite sport. My music taste is as well versed as my style. What I’ve seen around the world ties together who I am. Find me making laps around the Eatzi’s samples.