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Feeling a little lazy? Wishing you felt a little… for lack of a better word, skinnier? Fall break is just around the corner. Halloween is twenty-nine days away. Are you feeling like you could lose a few and just feel better about yourself? Solution: Detox your body. By ridding yourself of the refined sugars, the hydrogenated oils, and the alcohol, you could gain the energy you need to feel healthier and happier—the best version of yourself. So whether you buy a one or three-day juice cleanse from Nekter, find a DIY cleanse on Pinterest, or simply go vegan for a few days, a detox is worth it.

As school has hit the midterm mark and tests have been piling up, I have started doing this myself. Last weekend, I went to Central Market and purchased my “vegan grocery list.” Scary? Yes. I wished to feel better, cleaner, and more energized. After keeping in touch with The Blonde Vegan, a friend of mine (follow her via Instagram and/or her website), I have been convinced to buy her grocery list, and make some new delicious, yet vegan, treats.

Because I have only just recently jumped aboard the metaphorical health wagon, I am taking things slowly. I still eat some meat and egg whites, but have also found substitutions for those bloat-worthy ingredients. Below is a mock grocery list based off what I bought, but get creative! Taking care of your body doesn’t have to be so boring after all!

My “Go-To” Ingredients for a “Better Me”

-Egg Whites                                                               -Vanilla Whey Protein Powder

-Spinach                                                                     -Açai Powder

-Tilapia (with lemon)                                               -Cocoa Bits

-Ground Turkey                                                        -Agave Nectar

-Carrots (pre-sliced)

-Celery (pre-sliced)                                                  -Salsa


Frozen fruits (for Smoothies!)                            -PB2 or Almond Butter

-Strawberries                                                                        -Granola (Mixed Berry/Vanilla)





Happy Hump Day!

xx, kendall


Parents’ Weekend Hot List

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We won’t lead you astray. Here is a simple broken down list of the best in dining, drinking, activities, and shopping so that Mom and Dad will think you’re a pro!

 Screen Shot 2013-10-01 at 6.53.58 PM


Activities: (Don’t just stick around SMU; get out there and explore the big D!)


Elements boutique
Elements boutique

Shopping: In my opinion, the three best (and very different!) boutiques Dallas has to offer.

Screen Shot 2013-10-01 at 6.58.10 PM

Dining: Because let’s be honest, the best part about Mom and Dad coming is the great free food.

Soak it up!

X, Sky


To infinity and…

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Well it’s really just to Snider Plaza, Lovers Lane or Preston Road but BEYONDpilates and BEYONDpedaling really do go the extra mile, sometimes literally. The studios, all located within the SMU area, are not only filled with Highland Park moms gettin’ in shape for their hubbies, but also mind capturing music and exercise programs that will blow your mind, or body for that matter. For about 45 minutes, you use estranged muscles and are left feeling amazingly sore the next day. Up for the challenge? Or the real question, is it ever too early to prepare for SB2014? No and no, so get a student rate, yes, there is one, and get to pedalin’!

And get excited. BEYONDpedaling in Snider Plaza is part of our SMUstyle raffle happening this Thursday!


stay healthy, xx kendall




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On the topic of things that do and do not suck:

 With Summer around the corner I know where all trying to pry our hands out of the cookie jar. Well here is a trade off that wont pack on the pounds. 



Don’t suck:


Eating yummy food

Board munchies

Munchies in general ;)


Do Suck:

Fattening snacks

Eating bad food


Being hugry in general

HAVE NO FEAR I AM HERE….to guide you

Screen shot 2013-04-23 at 11.44.55 AM




Munch away my friends











[ framework ]

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Spring is here! It’s time to spruce up your space and throw some colors on those boring walls.  I’ve been lusting for some of these eye-catching pieces of art and want to share with all of you.

| Gray Malin of Maison Gray |


Bondi Beach

 Cowboy And Mule, Prada Marfa Collection

| Nancy Ramirez of Cozamia |


Love Spill 


Brittle Stars

Made By Girl by Jen Ramos |


Gold Skull Print


LOVE (gold + pink)

Furbish Studio |


Feather Print I


It’s the Holiday Season

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Deck the halls and fetch the tree, ’tis Christmas season upon us.  Decorating for the holidays can be one of the most fun parts about it.  Check out these fresh ideas to make your humble abode a comfy, cozy one just in time for our very first snowfall in Dallas.


                             {No one can ever say no to Mistletoe.}      {Find a use for leftover tree trimmings.}

{Cozy up in front of an impromptu fire with candles & these mercury glass votives.}


   {ivory flowers + cranberry filled vase.}       {Center the bar using a wreath chandelier.}

{Use green moss to create a not so traditional wreath.}





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If you haven’t heard of Pinterest by now we’re just going to assume you have been living under a stupid rock or something ( 3:18, but while you’re at it watch the whole video ). Whether its during these last few days of classes, when it seems like you can’t listen any longer, searching for the newest trends or simply getting a laugh from an E-card a friend repinned, Pinterest is procrastination’s best friend. With thousands of brands and designers on Pinterest, it is a great way to find new shopping websites and the cutest clothes on the web.


Finding it hard to get to the original website those must have shoes are from? Here is a tip:

1. Right click the image ( thats control click for you Mac ladies)

2. click copy image URL

3. go to, click image tab

4. copy and paste image into search box and search

5. Underneath the search box should be a link that says ” Search by images”. Click That!

6. A whole bunch of images will pop up and hopefully you will be able to find the source!


xx McKenna Cottam, @mckmaccottam


SMU style on Instagram!

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Hop on Instagram and follow SMUstyle for the latest snapshots of trends and other necessities!


Fabric Like Forms

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Visit the Nasher Sculpture Center to see the “Seeing Things” exhibit by Tony Cragg, presented by the Dallas Foundation. Anyone who loves seeing super structured runway looks or the ripples and waves that form from long skirts hitting the floor, can visually relate to Cragg’s manipulation of bronze. His sculptures’ industrial material and colors still evoke organic shapes and the energy of supple fabric in motion.



CUSP Fall Preview

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Last night, fellow fashion blogger, Carson Eisenhart of Dallas Stylistas, and I went to CUSP by Neiman Marcus to get a sneak peak at the fall trends before our party on Thursday. Here is a little preview of what we found:


Our fav looks! Meg, left and Carson, right


Don’t forget to stop by CUSP this Thursday night from 6 pm to 8 pm to celebrate fall 2011 trends with Carson Eisenhart, Krystal Schlegel, Shelby Foster, Rebecca Marin and myself.