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What happens when a fashion blogger, designer, public relations manager, beauty buyer and brand founder come together under one roof? Magic.

This past Wednesday, SMU’s Fashion Week commenced with a fashion industry panel discussion complete with five Dallasites taking the industry by storm.  The event’s panelists each represented a facet of the insanely dynamic industry and discussed everything from the digital revolution, maintaining a voice in a niche market, influencer marketing and the difficulties of staying on top of their game.

Each woman had something incredibly valuable to say, and hearing their journeys throughout the industry reaffirmed their love of fashion. However, the most rewarding information the panelists shared was their advice for students on how to prepare to enter the job market.

Here are your summed up golden rules.


Duh. The importance of internships was universally agreed upon by each panelist. The more experience, the better.

Courtney Kerr, influencer and fashion blogger, stressed the value of undertaking different types of internships in order to figure out what you like and don’t like.


Nicole Musselman, designer and founder of the KOCH clothing brand, advised students to “just do, and it will happen.” She also added not to be afraid to reach out to people – persistence goes a long way. So don’t cower behind your MacBook screen, send that dope email as many times as you have to.


Grace Davis Damrill, associate beauty buyer at Forty Five Ten, urged the audience to be well read in not only industry current events, but in your future company’s history, as well. Show up to your interview well-versed and you’ll have more of a chance to win over your dream company.


Meg Jones, co-founder of the To & From Gifts brand, emphasized the importance of having a positive online presence. Show yourself off, but keep it classy. Your Instagram has the potential to be a digital portfolio. Don’t clutter your feed with pictures your mom would cringe at.


NorthPark Center’s public relations manager, Shelby Foster, encourages embodying “backpack journalism” – writing, taking photos, shooting video, editing, etc. Limiting yourself to a single skill could put you in a bit of a pickle.


Courtney also stressed the value of being a yes girl. Being down for anything and acting like you’re getting paid (even though you’re not), goes the extra mile. So take a deep breath and slap on a smile – we all have to start at the bottom.

Fashion is a forever-evolving industry that requires adaptable, passionate and bright individuals. Wednesday’s panelists reaffirmed this undoubtable fact. Their advice gives hopeful students like ourselves the foundation for kickstarting the career of our dreams. Get studying!


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